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"Another nicely built race track worthy of setting up community/street races on..."


What's new in 1.1?
  • Revised traffic paths to support Street Races full lap
  • Added support for circuit/lap Street Races mod:
    • you can bring your own car
    • the AI opponents are randomly tuned/specced up
    • make use of the artificial 3km long back straight


Racers have taken their expensive cars to Mt Akina to conquer the mountain. Some even have roll cages and liveries (only in Street Races) and they even wear race suits!

You are Takumi the tofu delivery driver. Can you, in your humble Futo, show these racers who the legendary downhill specialist is? Can you beat them all from last?

Street Races (New in this version, circuit/lap racing )
Bring your own car. Race in super/street/rally classes, 12 opponents
1. Downhill from the top
2. Hillclimb from the bottom

Community Race maps (point-to-point)
1. Super car class (downhill)
2. Drift/Rally-type car class (downhill) - includes Futo, Sultan, Kuruma, Jester3, FuroreGT, Elegy, Banshee, Tampa2 ...
3. Race/Track cars only (downhill)
4. Hillclimb Super car class


  • AkinaV
  • Community Races 1.3 mod by Guadmaz or Street Races 0.7 mod
  • OpenIV installed with mods folder

The traffic paths for the AI drivers are set up with Realistic Driving V (scaled topspeed) and Faster AI Drivers for Realistic Driving V mods loaded. So might be best to load those mods and then load your favourite drift-car mod after that.

YMMV. You may be able to race without any car mod or topspeed mod but you might find the AI racers, on GTAV plain vanilla speeds, easy to beat.

For a bit of competition from the AI racers a topspeed/handling mod such as RDV (+Faster AI Drivers for RDV) is recommended.

Races will go for about 6 minutes on average with traffic off (community races) or 8 minutes per lap (street races).

If ultimate challenge is desired, race at about 10:00pm just like Takumi. :-)


1. Install the required stuffs.
2. Using OpenIV copy the Akina traffic paths files from akina_metadata_rpf\* to
mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > akina > dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > akina > akina_metadata.rpf
These are modded traffic paths in order for Community Races AI to work on. They are based on Yoha, Dewalk28, Elope's Akina traffic paths and the paths are tweaked for RDV scaled topspeed 's AI supercars to go fast without crashing out too often.
3. If using Community Races, copy the Races\*.xml files from the races folder into your Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\Races

For Street Races:

1. Copy the StreetRaces\*.xml files into your Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\StreetRaces
2. Copy the StreetRaces\Racers\Racers.xml into the respective Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\StreetRaces\Racers (make back up if you wish). I've added some new cars up to the SSA SS update to this file so we can race with the newest cars in the Super/Street and Rally classes.

Community Racers: The player start position is random, so if you start position is not last, just wait for the whole field to pass you before you launch to give yourself some challenge.

StreetRacers: You start last but not for long?
For best frame rate on my machine, I turn off all opponent AI's in the Adv Options except AI Anti-RearEnd.

Credits/ Thanks to:

  • Traffic paths created with the awesome CodeWalker by dexyfex
  • Yoha, Dewalk28, 陸海涵, Elope for AkinaV


Change log:

1.1 Added support for Street Races full lap downhill/hillclimb

1.09 * Modded uphill traffic path to support hillclimb community race
* Added hillclimb supercar community race
* Added new vehicles from SSA SS SERIES (supercar and drift/rally races)

1.0 Original release
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