Lake Vinewood Estates party house


This is my first mod.
Hope you like it.
It's a simple and beautiful party house made using map editor.
has about 250 objects and peds.
still has some bugs that i don't know hot to fix like whe you run/walk into the doors they fall.-any one knows how to fix this please tell me.
my next mod is starting a party in the neighbors house.
as you can see a part of the house has a seat and a wall-i wanted to make it the managers room but i still need to find the right table and objects and i'll try to ad them in the next version.
1)copy 1.xml and lunch gta v then press f7 and choose load maps and type:1
2)copy it to gtarootfolder/scripts/Autoloadmaps/ and run the game

you can upload this or modify it only by mentioning my name or credit me.
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