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This is Luigi's Circuit from Mario Kart Wii. This doesn't require anything like FiveM etc. I'm going to be converting more maps, not just ones from Mario Kart, and would like suggestions on what you would like to see.

Update plans:
-Water physics
-Dynamic lights
-Even more HD textures
-Traffic paths
-Custom races
-Working boost pads

Version 0.3 :
-Fixed most textures / materials. Now they all have normal maps, specular maps, and all the other things that make textures pretty!
-Textures that were supposed to have transparency now do!
-Fixed the map glowing orange at night (mostly).
-Added ~fancy~ custom emissive textures for night time.
-Added water to the little pond / lake thingy (It doesn't have proper physics yet).
-Plants sort of move more realistically now, except that they are all joined as a single object so they all move together which will be fixed next update

Version 0.2 :
-Fixed plant collisions
-Partially cleaned up map model

Install Instructions:

Add "dlcpacks:\LuigiCircuit\" to mods>update>update.rpf>common>data>dlclist.xml

Move the folder "LuigiCircuit" to mods>update>x64>dlcpacks
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