More ATMs [SP / FiveM] 2.0

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Do you know that moment? You're playing GTAV roleplay creating your new awesome looking outfit, you want to save it but you don't have enough money. But where's the nearest ATM?
This mod shall solve this problem by adding 26 new ATMS on the map, including:
-all clothing stores
-all barbers
-all Los Santos Custom's
-all tattoo shops
This map was made with Codewalker.


For FiveM: Just drag and drop the "moreatms" folder in your servers resources folder. Don't forget to add it to your server config with "start moreatms".

For Singleplayer (if you already installed custom_maps, only do step 5):
1. Download Menyoo2YMAP (https://de.gta5-mods.com/tools/mapeditor-2-ymap-converter) and extract the zip file
2. Inside the Menyoo2YMAP folder, open "Example DLC Pack"
3. Now open OpenIV and navigate to GTAV->mods->update->x64->dlcpacks
4. Drop the "custom_maps" from Menyoo2YMAP folder into "dlcpacks"
5. Now go to GTAV->mods->update->x64->dlcpacks->custom_maps->dlc.rpf->x64->levels->gta5->_citye->maps->custom_maps.rpf and drop the ymap file from my zip into there
6. Navigate to GTAV->mods->update->update.rpf->common->data and find your dlclist.xml. Right click and edit it.
7. Last, you add the line "(Item)dlcpacks:/custom_maps/(/Item)" at the bottom of the list (above the line "(/Paths)")
8. You're done! Now you can start GTA and it will load the ymaps.

1.0: File was created
2.0: Fixed mistake in readme.txt

If you have any questions remaining, feel free to join my Discord server:

Have fun!
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