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They are taking much space you could use otherwise, they are looking weird and they can not even fly! Unfortunately, there is not even a similar plane in game, which could fly.
The static planes of the Los Santos International Airport have probably beeing annoying for almost every player in the last five years.
The solution of this problem is as simple as good, this mod removes all the static planes and they are removed from the LODs as well.

I really wonder, why no one has ever done this before, since there have already been several requests in the forum. I am already really excited to see some Airport-Maps on this site with the now empty space used - for example with planes which are able to fly.

The installation is quite easy:

1. ap1_02.rpf has to be placed in mods\x64l.rpf\levels\gta5\_cityw\airport_01\

2. ap1_lod_02_children.ydd has to be placed in mods\x64l.rpf\levels\gta5\_cityw\airport_01\airport.rpf\

-> You are done, just start the game.

A backup is included, if you wish the static planes to be back.

Btw.: This is the first time, I have edited 3D-Models for GTA V, if you find any misstake or you have any suggestions please tell me.

Used Tools to create this mod:

3DS Max 2016
Open IV
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