Urban Sandy Shores [YMAP] [Menyoo] V2.1 FiveM Update


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A complete reworking of sandy shores with all new buildings peds and unique scenarios playing out.
Compatible with --
--- https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/sweet-trailer-sp-fivem-jeremie-dreux-touch-of-modding
Installation Instructions

Use custom_maps from sollahollas me2ym

Place .ymaps in

Place UrbanSandyShores.xml in your spooner folder


Most importantly you will need increased Props by A1 Draco

Red Marabunta by Clutit

Los Aztecas Gear by Clutit

Cholo Tattoos by Clutit

Not a hard requirement but you can download Nortenos 14 by Bkestside

mainly for the new ped. It replaces one of the hillbillies with a Norteno, so it looks like some of the white dudes are cliqued up wit the Mara and some set tripping potentially. I prefer this over all out war wit hillbillies or the Lost neither would make much sense.

Might need this as well as i hand created alotta characters out of mp freemode

If anyone refuses to download mpclothes for whatever reason let me know if not having it causes any major issues
as the peds of this mod are still a work in progress.

Might also want to grab da nang boys but its a very light requirement

And the pit while ur at it bc what are u doing if u dont have this already

V2.1- No major changes just added fivem capability. UNTESTED. ***UPDATE*** Majority of Increased Props' props do not work with fivem. That means floating props no bridge or most of the buildings you see in screenshots for that matter. I removed FIvem tag to not falsely advertise but am going to leave the file up in case someone finds a viable fix!

Totally redesigned from the ground up with new 3d buildings.
That means no more forcefields!!
Yall can thank A1 Draco for that make sure to like his mod when u download.. im sure he wouldnt mind a handjob either!

Added all new districts and expanded outward on all the access roads.

Built the best boardwalk i could come up with so no more levitating buildings on water!

Added a bridge but couldnt get it to stop bugging so now u got a fucked up bridge to look at you're welcome

Included the built up medical center and sherrifs department thanks to the man himself CRodriguez.(all i did was convert his work to ymap)

New train station thanks to 777Projekt. Didnt know how to convert to ymap properly when i did his though so i had to remove
some props but 90% is untouched.

Added a studio apartment interior(not mlo)

Many other changes more than i could count let me know if u got any questions
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