500 Realistic Items for Vehicle Search Mod (Violent and Non-Violent Packs) 1.6

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This is a Major edit of the .ini file that comes with the Vehicle Search mod. I have added and Modified over 500 items for you to enjoy with the Vehicle Search Mod! Many Items have been Included from 350+ Items but i have reworked the file with major changed and additions!

If you are looking for real branded items, more weapons, popular devices and such, these will be added in the future along with your suggestions and items that pop into my head!

I am planning to keep expanding this mod with as much items as i can but i cant do it by myself i will need help from you guys who use it with more ideas to include and to let me know if i ever have any duplicates, colour or spelling mistakes!!

You need to have the Vehicle Search Mod installed for this to work.

1. Replace the original VehicleSearch.ini file in the Plugins folder.
2. All Done!! Go Have Fun!

Colour Codes:
Red - Bad Items/Dangerous
Yellow - Can be Bad but Debatable Items
Green - Items that are acceptable but need to be cautious
Blue - General Items

Seasonal Colours: (Text in Game will be bold to differentiate)
Red - Christmas Items (WIP) Not Finishing until Dec - 2016

Accurate Amount of Items: 503

FtDLulz - Vehicle Search Mod
SgrtAlexandra - 300+ Items (Whom is Not Available on LCPDFR)
Frosty19 (Me) - Making This

My LSPDFR Link for the Mod: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/10831-500-realistic-items-for-vehicle-search-mod-13/

Future Update Will Include:
. Real Life Branded Products
. More Weapons/Gruesome Items
. More UK related Items for British Patrolling and Fun!
. Your Guys Suggestions
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