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What this mod is all about:
This mod overhauls the visual aspect/functionality of melee fights allowing them to look more realistic and varied when compared to the original GTA V melee system. It completely enhances the melee combat system adding in new melee weapon combos, fighting animations, taunts, damage/ reactions and much more. It makes melee fights longer lasting, visually appealing and generally more fun. (Full description on OIV File Provided)

Included in this Mod: (Simple View)
+New Melee Animations (Used from Unreal Engine, AnimKit, GTA V database)
+Combo Finishers
+Melee Weapon Combos
+Alternate Unarmed Combos
+Enhanced Counter Moves
+Melee Weapon Animations
+Failed Takedown Animations Replace Forward Kicks
+Edited Ped Health and Damages
+Player and AI Taunts
+Melee Enemy Types with Different Buffs and Weaknesses
+Melee Enemy Types Have Different Melee Combos/Finishers
+Many Enemies Fight at Once
+Replaced Shove attack
+Armed Gun Melee Combos
+Edited Gunner Melee Reactions
+One Handed and Two Handed Gun Attack Combos/Combo Finishers

Download instructions in Read Me.

New 6.0 showcases available and linked to page! ;D
OIV Package Support for quicker installation! (manual optional available too)

Requirements: (prevents crashes)
Heap adjuster:

Packfile limit adjuster:

Incompatible mods: (Feel free to let me know)
World of Variety
Streets of Rage Brawling
Immersive Combat
*Notice* : Any mods that edit meta files such as pedbrawlingstyles, pedhealth, etc.

NOTICE: If you have ISSUES with the mod, PLEASE JOIN my DISCORD. It is easer for me to keep in contact on the go and works better for user assistance. If you have a specific problem post in the "Assistance" tab or a suggestion? "Mods and Ideas" tab. Thank you and have fun! If discord does not work for you I am not opposed to messaging back here just may take me longer to respond. :D

Link: https://discord.com/invite/SmNGBN47vc

Change Log:

Version 6.0:
-Updated gameconfig included in OIV edited by Rnzler on my discord, thank you for working on it!
-ALL fighting styles have been revamped with new animations from Unreal Engine via AnimKit as well as some of our own!! (Zhi Tournament Full Animkit Showcase video posted here showcases all the various fighting styles in melee combat!!)
-You no longer have to cycle weapons to activate animations. (HUGE RELIEFFF)
-It is a much easier installation where all animations are contained in one clip set.
-New custom goofy Drunken Brawler fighting style with custom fight moves from drunk fight vanilla sequence that has custom finishers, taunts, combos etc. (Just for fun)
-Damages and reactions have been thoroughly revamped and should be more realistic when using melee weapons etc.
-Boxer fighting style is now completely overhauled with new animations and takedowns.
-Arm break animations as well as all other new unreal engine takedowns/finishers have been given variations where the victim is rag dolled or executed. (Adds full animation visuals)
-Karate fighting style has been restyleized, overhauled and is full of new enhanced punching/kick combos, animations, taunts, intros and more! (Looks a lot like Yakuza or Sleeping dogs)
-More grapple moves have been implemented when pressing "A" on remote while locked onto target or "kick button" on keyboard, for the following brawlingstyles. Now the drunken brawler can grapple from behind in a headlock or front tackle. Front tackle and tackle counter animations are available for Heavy Brawler fighting style as well.
-BS_michael, BS_heavy_brawler, BS_franklin, BS_boss all have new attack animations that add flare, meet the style profile and provide stunning range of unique possibilities in combos and melee weapon attacks.
-New custom hit reactions and stumble animations are available.
-New taunts and intros are available for all fighting styles and AI.
- Peds.ymt has been reedited and a new ped fighting style assignment list has been posted in "New Brawlingstyle info_Enemy Types_Edited ped list.txt"
- Animations no longer stop working and performance runs much better.
- Reduced possibility of crashes. (I have had hour+ long playthrough without crash feel free to keep me posted ;D)

+All main story player characters have unique fighting styles and unarmed combo finishers/counters with melee weapon specializations. (Also implemented into the public of GTA V) BS_FRANKLIN, BS_TREVOR, BS_MICHAEL (Details explained in "New Brawlingstyle info_Enemy Types_Edited ped list.txt")
+4 new fighting styles with unique unarmed combos, unarmed/melee wpn counters, combo finishers. (Main characters + BS_BOXER)
+Renamed BS_Monk to BS_Karate and BS_Strong to BS_Heavy_Brawler to match attack style.
+Enhancements to Karate fighting style using NEW animations provided by TheFuumaSage. (Aggressive karate kicks, flips etc)
+Implemented new anims from arena wars update (backflip kick parry, double kick takedown), karate chop emote taunts to Karate style (Includes new unarmed stance, knife stance, knife counter, large wpn counter and support taunts)
+Melee weapon and unarmed intros are now MP death match intro anims and AI support taunts. (Knuckle crunch, shadow boxing, all 1h or 2h weapon swings etc)
+Melee intro for player is also available when locking on to target. (One option for now)
+New first person (third person view) idle stance. (Russian drunk stance replace)
+New grapple attacks implemented throughout all fighting styles. (Casino brawl throw, neck break/gut punch, and grapple headbutt) Can activate when close enough to "shove" the enemy. BS_trevor throws, BS_michael headbutts, and BS_franklin snaps kneck. Armed with guns (any fighting style) and up close with an attack cycles through all.
+New Heavy_Brawler kick close attack "Russian Drunk bar fight/tackle sequence". (Press A on controller)
+Edited damages for more better gameplay.
+Boss has revamped melee combo (new takedown anim ATTACK moves) with knee strike finisher (TheFuumaSage)
+Better melee reactions from hit while walking and standing idle.
+New melee weapon takedowns (Stab through face, front gut slash etc)
+Peds.ymt has been edited to incorporate all 8 fighting styles into the public of GTA V. (Some are random, but others intentional)
+Fixed character "Pop-up" issue from certain takedowns, now all should make the victim ragdoll appropriately including grapples.

-BS_BOSS is now a new UNIQUE fighting style. They have separate combo moves for all unarmed and melee weapons. They also have new unique combo finishers and include new HIDDEN melee takedown and failed takedown animations. (Can be added to any peds within the Peds.ymt, Read "New Brawling styles and enemy types.txt" for more info.)
New Weapon Attacks/Animations:
-All melee weapons including the knives, small weapons, large two-handed weapons and one handed/two handed guns have unique fighting combos/finishers.
Hidden Animations Notice:
-These new takedowns were hidden within a separate file within the game and were never used. This means that I had to adjust the timers and homings myself based off of other vanilla weapon takedowns and I got it to be as smooth as possible after MUCH trial and error, but sometimes the animations do not land perfectly but it depends on where your character is located and how far away your target is.
Gun Takedowns:
-The Red Dead Redemption Style gun executions are now fully functioning takedowns/combo finishers, but at this moment do not have gun sounds or muzzle flash effects. They do however still leave a bullet entry wound and blood effect. (Silencers make it look cooler/realistic for now) The one-handed gun executions kill the target every time (unless target has raised health via trainer), but there is a bug with the two handed in which SOMETIMES it does not kill the target instantly but does still take health.
-All two handed and one-handed gun melee combat have been revamped making it easier to perform failed takedowns or "visual counters". While aiming at the target and in close proximity, press the unarmed attack button ("B" on controller) and then press the kick or ("A" on controller) will activate the reverse failed takedown every time. This failed takedown move knocks them back so you can aim for the head (Reminds me of something John Wick would do)
Melee Weapon takedowns:
-Large weapon finishers are also sometimes glitchy, but they look way better than when I first edited them. There is one that looks like it came straight out of GTA IV! ;D
-The Brass Knuckles are now a killer weapon, EVERY attack after the initial forward short is a melee takedown. This means you or the enemy can use attacks that knockout everyone in the room with ONE hit. It is even possible to string together animations. This is an OP weapon for the Boss, so I recommend either having invincibility or very high health set via trainer.
-New Boss Enemy Support Taunts:
In the background you can now see that any Boss waiting to fight will do unique taunts from preparing there strikes, switching up their stance or even shadow fighting to strike intimidation in their opponent.

-4.5- (Read "Important Info.txt" for full Description)
BS_MONK and BS_STRONG brawling styles are now new UNIQUE fighting styles.
BS_BOSS replaces the older BS_WEAK (Check "New Brawlingstyle info and Enemy Types.txt" for more info on all brawlingstyles including what vanilla peds are assigned to each one)
New Weapon Attacks/smoother reactions
Psycho Animations have been integrated
Upgraded Large weapon Combos/Finishers
Improved Armed/Gun combat
Peds/gang edits: New melee attacker buffs
New Verbal Taunting abilities
Improved Damages (realistic deaths)
Props stay on longer during combat (Sunglasses, hats, etc.)

-4.0 (gameconfig update)-
Updated gameconfig for new update. Gameconfig (1.0.2372)
Edited Gameconfig melee variables for better performance.

Melee weapon Combos
New enemy types with buffs and weaknesses (Ped list included and tutorial in "New Brawlingstyle info and Enemy Types.txt")
New edited moves and melee weapon finishers.
Edited pedhealth to enhance combat.
Smoother melee reactions and armed gunner reactions.

-3.5 (fixed)-
Updated the gameconfig for recent update
Added Uninstall OIV File
Re-Added original "gut punch" move from previous updates

(more in depth description of version 4.0 in "Important READ ASAP" text document.)

Enjoy and thank you for your support!
PS: If you use this mod in your videos be sure to credit me so others can experience this too! Thank you! :D

Special Thanks and credit:
Thank you F7YO for allowing me to edit your gameconfig to support this mod, without it this would not be possible! Give him support and I do not claim this gameconfig as my own as all credit goes to him! :D
Link & Account:

Thank you: Felix Bartling (reditec) ! This makes installations so much easier!

Special thanks to TheFuumaSage for permitting me to use some of his custom animations and keeping the inspiration alive!! ;D

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