GTA JAWS: Great Whites replace Tiger Sharks.

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GTA JAWS: Great Whites replace Tiger Sharks.
Mod Work: Rarefacer
Concept and Financing: Pedge

This mod replaces those "Tiger Sharks" (AKA floating turds) with something much more fun. Big ass Great Whites inspired by the blockbuster film.
There are 3 skins to reflect the different bloody variations of the shark from the film "Jaws".

For more frenzied fun I suggest the fantastic wildlifemanager file from "Raider's Rapid Shark Spawns 2: Feeding Frenzy Boogaloo" by Zippo Raid
The file adds more spawns almost instantly and almost anywhere (even Salton Sea)

Path for files.
(Reasoning behind the Mod folder using OPENIV, if you don't and use your main files, you might hose something someday. ALWAYS USE mod folder.)


Obviously because of the size change the collision will be changed, the sharks will be harder to kill with a knife, it is a challenge but is doable.
(It's a Great White! It's not going to be easy!)

Try to donate one dollar. This will help us send more mods to you.
Please don't re-upload or edit without creds and permission. Enjoy.
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