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Hey yall. So I wanted to port this but no one knew how to properly, or they didn't care to help, or both. So I made this primarily to base a colour scheme off of the beta canopy. I just made the other canopy colours because why not.

Drop the .ydr here:

I've got some more TBoGT parachute bag edits in. This update replaces the used and in-store model of parachute bags with TBoGT model. These models go here: mods\x64c.rpf\levels\gta5\props\lev_des\p_v_lev_des_skin.rpf\

Also thought I'd added in a few changes. I threw in a couple of different textures for the TBoGT parachute bag that was in the files. Cause why the hell not.

Put the .ydd and .ytd anywhere you wanna replace a parachute/duffel bag, like here for example:


(if you want to place it over the parachute bag the MP Character equips, rename the .ydd to "hand_008_u.ydd" & the .ytd to "hand_diff_008_a_uni" You'll also need to put them both into:


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