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Join the discord server for any requests, or other mods you can take out.

1. Install the mod. A readme.txt file is present for the lines of code, and how to install.

For FiveM players, you need to use the dpemotes mod. All is explained here: https://forum.cfx.re/t/how-to-menyoo-to-dpemotes-emote-props-shared-emotes-conversions/4775018

For SP players, you can use several different mods to use the animations, including Menyoo which is quite popular, or custom-animations. You install the mod, and drag the files into the folder. A detailed tutorial is on my discord server in how-to-install.

In the case of an installation for SP, you take the lines of code from the README.txt and you insert them afterwards in FavouriteAnims.xml which is located in the menyooStuff folder
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