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Hi, everyone. I present to you my personal ENB and Reshade setup, Project 2kHD. My setup consist in a ENB, that I tried to make the most natural possible with nice indoor and outdoor lightning, awesome cars reflections and compatible with any time of the day and weather. This ENB is tweaked to be used with VisualV, but can be use with vanilla timecycle too. My Reshade come with 4 presets, all of the them are unique and will gave you a different experience in the same game.

Please read the Read Me carefully for installation, all the information you need it there.
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07/13/2016 Update v1.0.5
- New folder with the same 3 presets without DOF

07/20/2016 Update v1.1
- Tweaked the colors saturation on Filmic preset and car reflections.
- On Natural and Colorful presets just tweaked the car reflections.

07/26/2016 Update v1.2
- Added the Realistic preset
- Tweaked the HQ4X for better definition and tried to eliminate small jaggies, in all presets. Thanks to @TheSentinels for let me know this issue.
- Tweaked the car reflections on the main ENB, now named Natural ENB.
- Tweaked the Liftgamma very slightly in Filmic preset for less brightness
- Added a new ENB, named Filmic ENB. This ENB used with the Filmic preset, will reduce the overall brightness of the game, make it feel more natural and will make the car reflections more realistic without losing the preset atmosphere.
- Added 2 enbseries.ini for the Natural ENB for more and less car reflections. This is optional.

08/20/2016 Update v2.0
-Added the Cinematic Preset
-Add Gauss to all presets, nice improvement and help me to down the MSAA from x4 to x2 and still have awesome definition.
-Reworked ENB, now is one ENB again, with more realistic car reflections in all presets, nice days and more illuminated night for a cinematic look.
-Colorful, Filmic and Realistic presets are been reworked almost completely and now all of them works nicely with one ENB.
-I eliminate the optional folder, no need for it anymore
-I added in the Read Me, instructions for those, who want to turn off permanently the DOF

09/26/2016 Update v2.1 Final
-Reworked ENB for VisualV 1.0.280, with new:
Sun Intensity
Sun Color Filter
Sky Intensity
Cloud Intensity
For all day and tweaked Spot Intensity for better nights.
-All preset are reworked and optimize from scratch. I use the less Reshade shaders possible for each preset, to have better frame rate.
- I made 2 sets of Reshade presets, called High end and Low end. The 2 sets have the same presets, the only differences between them are, High end have Depth of Field (DOF), HighPassSharpening and Gauss, and in Low end I disable that 3 shaders for better frame rate. Use the set, that suits you better.
-And for last, this will be my last update. Thanks, everyone.

Visual mods I use and recommend:

1) VisualV 1.0.280 by _CP_& robi29 https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/visualv
2) L.A. Roads 2.0 by cryhd https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/l-a-roads-8ae63c30-de64-4f16-8f3d-40c9e6d16212
3) L.A. Roads Patch [OIV] 2.5c by Anime_Bomm, cryhd & Arc_Angel https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/l-a-roads-2-5c-patch-oiv
4) Vegetation Overhaul 3.0 by Pixie https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/vegetation-edit
5) 2k Water 1.6 by Juiceproductions https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/2k-water
6) Realistic sand for vespucci beach v1.3 [FINAL] by H2awesome Google it
7) GTA V Real Palm Trees 0.2 by Alpha7ICE https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-palm-trees

This project exist thanks to:
ReShade by crosire and team
ENB by Boris Vorontsov
VisualV by _CP_& robi29

[Please don't reupload my files, without my permission. Thanks]
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