Rims, tires, rotors, wheel hubs, center caps, lug nuts and calipers.

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Updated 2/17/2019. The tire wall and tread shades are more accurate in this fix. Lighter calipers added too.

I re done the tire specmaps and bump maps. The tires look their best in this version. There's just one set of medium shaded tires. I tested different shades for the rims and this is what i like the most. My past tweaks with the shades did improve very few rims that were dark on one side. Though i decided to go more close to default shades. Nearly all available rims are improved including the stock defaults. The rims in the garage look real good!

There is a mixture of 134 alloy and chrome rims nicely re done in this mod. I added 18 rims you can color, plus there is 5 carbon rims some colorable. I made various tweaks for the individual vehicle parts in the textures! I re worked the bump maps, dirt and colors for the tires. The tires tread is much improved. They were modified from the originals. The vehicles body dirt is reduced a little. Every time this gets updated i take new screenshots.

All of the chrome and alloy stock rims are more reflective in this package! Rims, tires, rotors, wheel hubs, center caps, lug nuts and calipers! They have been re colored along with diffuse and specmap textures. Better designed lug nuts! Super chromed wheels, brighter polished alloys, well designed tires, darkened rotors, shaded calipers, less noticeable wheel hubs etc. Los Santos customs rims shaded other side isn't a nasty flat black anymore.

These are no brand tires. Most of the vehicles are affected by these changes! I was reading in a mesh file that the Glendales rims have a modded hub attatched to it. With the rims being chromed a wobble reflection is some how on the Glendales rims by the diffuse or spec editing to it.

I tried to find the rim or the modded one to replace it but i couldn't find it. I will seek a fix in a future update. For now this situation is optional if you want great immersion with no eye sores floating around just remove the Glendale you can still spawn it to customize its rims if you want.

I do not give anyone the permission to re upload this mod, this was hard to make.


Open IV is required to install.
Optional and suggested. Go to this location - Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mphipster\common\data\levels\gta5 and put the vehicles.meta on your desktop. Now search under glendale in the meta. Find these lines
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