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The goal of this mod is to properly integrate all vehicles into single player, both base game and online only ones. It also makes a number of other changes to give a more varied and realistic feel to traffic. I've aimed for realism here, so only appropriate road legal cars are included. No stupid batmobiles or flying bikes!

- Many more vehicles now spawn in traffic, in appropriate areas. No ultra rare, race, prototype or unrealistic vehicles however.
- Spawn chances set appropriately for all vehicles. Meaning vehicles that should be common generally are and vice versa.
- Generally heavier traffic with much more variety in vehicle models across the whole map.
- Car colours revamped for the majority of traffic vehicles. Gives more realistic variety and as a bonus fixes the 'mostly black cars' bug.
- Custom modified vehicles can spawn in many new places across the map, with hundreds of possible combinations.
- Traffic driver AI has been tweaked. AI controlled traffic cars generally drive a little faster and less cautiously.
- This new AI means you can now make realistic freeway crashes, as some cars might swerve late or not stop in time!
- Damage deformation for most vehicles has been slightly increased for better crash damage. Includes DLC vehicles, since Rockstar keeps making them extra tough, this fixes that.
- Random police vehicles now spawn in traffic and will chase the player if you get a wanted level.
- Trains have also been redone, you will find more variety in trains as well as much longer ones.

I wanted this mod to feel like the vehicles were implemented in a realistic manner, along the lines of how rockstar would have done it. Not flooding the streets with hypercars and mod vehicles like some mods do. I've played though the whole game with this mod and not had a single crash, so consider it stable.

The mod includes two versions to choose from.
Both incorporate all the changes above, but change which vehicles can spawn in general traffic flow:

Realism Version - This one does not include some of the more exotic supercars and rare imported classics in general traffic, since you would never really see them in American traffic IRL. Use this one if you want a more realistic feel. Some of these rare vehicles still have a small chance to appear customised in special places however.

Variety Version - This one includes more vehicles in traffic flow, including many exotic supercars and imported classics etc. More variety but can feel less realistic. Note that it still only includes realistic vehicles however. There are still no concept cars, batmobiles, spy cars, armoured cars etc in traffic.

The mod is packaged into two easy one click OpenIV installers. CHOOSE ONLY ONE FROM ABOVE!
You'll need scripthook installed for the latest version of GTA, get it here if you don't have it already: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v
You will also need OpenIV to install, get it here: https://openiv.com/

Once both of the above are installed, open OpenIV and make sure the ASI loader is active (Tools->ASI Manager then install the top two options.)
Then in OpenIV go Tools->Package Installer and select one of the two mod versions to install. Then simply follow the instructions.
It's highly recommended to install into the mods folder, as that allows it to be easily uninstalled by deleting the mod folder.

Rockstar also included an in game script to remove online vehicles from SP, you may need something that disables that if you notice cars disappearing. This trainer does it automatically for you: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav

V1.1 Update: Tweaked a few spawn chances and colours. Allowed a number of vehicles to spawn with varying levels of bodywork corrosion (Trashmaster, both Towtrucks, various commercial tipper and cement trucks, Duneloader etc)

V1.3 Update: The latest GTA update loads files differently to previous ones, so some of the modified vehicle colours weren't loading. Fixes that and adds some more colour variations for other vehicles.

V1.4 Update: Improved deformation now applies to all DLC vehicles. These vehicles had an extra variable to make them tougher than vanilla vehicles, which is now removed. There are also new colours for some vehicles as well as some tweaks to spawns.

V1.5 Update: Tuners update now supported. All new tuner update vehicles now in traffic. New colour sets for the new vehicles too since rockstar neglected to do so for most.

V1.6 Update: New contracts DLC cars in traffic.

V1.8 Update: Up to date with all new DLC cars up to Feb 2023.
V1.8.1 Update: Adjusted damange modelling of a dumber of DLC vehicles, especially more recent ones, that rockstar decided to make exceptionally difficult to deform/damage for some reason.
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