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United Kingdom Road Signs & Props
NOTE: The recent update to this mod is a long time coming but 0.9.1 adds just one addition to the mod, I'm trying to work GTA around a busy life schedule, apologies to those who have been waiting for updates on this, I thought it best to at least provide something rather than nothing at all. Be aware that this mod is not dead and I will continue work on it until I have completed it.

Conversion of all San Andreas State road signs into official UK British variants, all signs will be converted to match official UK style signs.
This was created in order to go with the British LSPDFR mods and once this mod is complete I will begin on turning the road surfaces into British variants.

Version 0.9 is packed up as a .oiv file for easy installing in OpenIV, thanks to Albo1125 for providing me with a .oiv version of 0.8!
I intend to include .oiv files with all major subsequent releases of this mod, some of the more minor releases and fixes may only be issued as regular archives, final build will be released as both .rar archive and .oiv

If you use a mod manager then you can install the mod by renaming the .oiv file to .zip and placing the files in their respective directories.

- Added BT Openreach "Fibre is here" boxes

- Police Do Not Cross barrier now turned around so it faces the right direction
- Replaced left over old construction barriers with the new model
- Added UK style Level Crossing signs/lights
- Added new No Through Road, Left Only, Right Only signs
- Added two new Skid Risk signs
- Flipped Speed Cameras so that they are facing the right and now cover roads correctly
- Added new WIP Low Bridge signs to bridge in Downtown
- Added new WIP overhead Blue Motorway signs to Downtown areas, these include LOD textures
- Added LOD textures for crash barriers
- Fixed colour issues on Road Marker Bollards, they now display correctly
- Combined UK Props Mod with this mod and added the red phonebooths and post boxes to this mod
- Added new WIP left chevron signs (right variant hasn't changed)
- Added new WIP UK fire hydrants
- Fixed a bug where on high texture settings the red phonebooths weren't loading in
- Added new WIP Blue Motorway signs to North Chumash area, these include LOD textures

- Added new construction barriers
- Added new WIP belisha beacons
- Added second new concrete barrier texture

- Added new No Waiting cones
- Altered cones to new WIP cones in UK style
- Added new WIP Road Ahead Closed and new Split Lane sign
- Added new motorway cones with reflector on top

- Construction barriers now have correct collision models
- Added new Road Work signs in proper UK style
- Added new Police Do Not Cross barriers

- Added new Alcohol Free Zone sign
- All round signs now use new round models as opposed to using the STOP sign model
- Altered the One Way signs to a new rectangular style in keeping with the UK style
- Added new construction barriers in the style of the plastic UK barriers

- Added more car park/level crossing barriers
- Added more WIP construction barriers
- New Aircraft Warning sign
- Updated readme

- Added brand new keep right bollards
- Added brand new road markers
- Altered existing Motorway Entrance sign
- Added new signs including: Max. Headroom, First Bus Stop, Police Stop Barrier, Concrete Barriers, Motorway signs (M1-5 signs now replace Interstate 1-5 respectively)
- Touched up Chevron signs
- Updated readme

- Reworked warning signs
- Added new signs including: Quiet Zone, Permitted Parking and Countdown Marker signs, etc.
- Tested a few alpha channels on some warning signs in previous release, removed those now.
- Added new WIP motorway crash barriers
- Updated readme

- Added new police speed trap, railroad and pedestrian zone signs
- Reworked a few previous textures
- Updated readme

- Added new WIP traffic lights
- Added new WIP pedestrian crossing buttons
- Added new WIP level crossing signs

- Tweaked a few signs
- Made a few signs clearer
- Added WIP road works signs
- Updated readme

- Initial public release

- Not all signs completed.
- Some signs might not make sense in certain placement, this is because some signs in the US do not exist in the UK but these are replaced with the closest UK variants possible, for example: No stopping in intersection signs replaced with No waiting at any time signs.
- Belisha Beacons have some weird collision problems where they float around
- My custom props will sometimes act as though they have no mass and can be knocked over by just touching them, I will fix this when I figure out what is causing this issue

This is all very WIP as it is and will look a lot better as I further complete the modification, follow me if you're interested in progress on these mods and any feedback or suggestions are welcomed.

You may use these signs in YouTube videos or in showcases but please give credit if you do so, thank you.

Please note that this mod replaces road signs and does not come with the custom vehicles that appear in the screenshots, those can be downloaded elsewhere from their original authors, they were just the cars I was driving when taking the screenshots.
Additionally note that the screenshots provided don't show the textures at their full resolution as I cannot play the game on it's highest settings ;)

If you like this mod, check out my other mods, thanks! :)
My British Registration Plates Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/british-registration-plates-oiv
My British Bus & Coach Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/british-coach-bus-skins-oiv

RE: The main image: You're under no obligation to donate anything to me whatsoever, I will continue to make mods whether you do or do not. :)
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