50 States + District of Columbia + 5 US Territories License Plates Pack [Addon & Replace] 2.0a


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Pack of real american licence plates for GTA V

This pack comes in addon and replace. You can choose if replace all San Andreas and Yankton plates or keep them and add all the other states and territories as extra. All plates have a 2023/2024 expiration sticker.


All the 50 states (California not included if you choose the addon version)
District of Columbia
US Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico
Northern Mariana Islands
American Samoa

Version 2.0


Arizona Centennial
Arizona Conserve Wildlife
Arizona Highways Magazine
Arizona Protect Our Environment
Nebraska 2023-current series
Nebraska Bighorn Sheep Conservation
Nebraska Josh The Otter, Be Safe Around Water
Nebraska Mountain Lion Conservation
Nebraska Sandhill Crane Conservation
Oregon Cultural Trust (2021-current series)
Rhode Island 2023-current series
Rhode Island Atlantic Shark Institute

All plates got 2024/2025 stickers

Version 1.9


Arkansas Conservation (Longear Sunfish)
Connectictut Preserve the Sound
Delaware Farmland Preservation
Maine Sportsman
Maryland Agricultural
Massachusetts Cape & Islands
Massachusetts Environmental
Michigan Mackinac Bridge
Missouri Bicentennial (2018-current series)
Oregon Coastal Playground
Oregon Crater Lake
West Virginia Scenic

South Carolina (2008-2016) replaced by the current series

All plates got 2023/2024 stickers

Version 1.8


Alabama Save The Cahaba River
Michigan Water-Winter Wonderland 1965 Base Tribute
Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation (Scissortail)
Pennsylvania Conserve Wild Resources (Saw Whet Owl)
Tennessee (2022-current series)
Texas Ducks Unlimited - Wetlands Conservation (Blue Heron)
Utah 2002 Winter Olympics
Utah Life Elevated (2007-present)

New Wyoming base (2016-present) replacing the old one

New 2023/2024 stickers for expired plates

Version 1.7


Illinois (2017-current series)
Iowa (2017-current series)

All plates got 2022/2023 validation stickers

Version 1.6


North Carolina (First in Freedom) 2016-Current series
North Dakota (Legendary North Dakota) 2015-Current series

Old North Dakota plate got 2022 sticker. Virginia plate got 2023 sticker

Version 1.5

Updated Oklahoma (2017-Current series)


Nevada (2016-Current series)

Version 1.4


Montana Treasure State
Montana 2000
Montana Big Sky

Version 1.3

Updated Wyoming Base


Montana Centennial

Version 1.2


New Mexico Centennial
New Mexico Chile's Capital of the World

Version 1.1


New York (The Empire State) 2001-2010
Utah (Greatest Snow on Earth) 1985-2007


Extract the contents of this package to a convenient location of your choice such as the desktop.

For VEHSHARE.ytd : Using OpenIV in Edit Mode, navigate to GTA V\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf and replace vehshare.ytd with the one provided in this pack (only plates textures has been changed, rest stays untouched)

For CARCOLS.ymt: Using OpenIV in Edit Mode, navigate to GTA V\update\update.rpf\x64\data and replace carcols.ymt with the one provided in this pack.


For game versions from 1.61 onwards the installation path for the VEHSHARE.ytd changed. Now it is:

GTA V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday27ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\vehshare.ytd


The correct number sequence showed in the screenshots is made by a trainer. All the plates will spawn with 8 digits vanilla sequence. It would be possibile to spawn intraffic the correct sequence for all states with a script (such as License Plate Changer for California plates by Leftas) but such script doesn't exist yet and my knowledges of .NET/C# language is pratically zero. If somebody likes my pack and wants to add realism to the game with a correct plate sequence making a script that would fix them, I would be glad to collaborate with him

Please respect my work, don't reupload or edit this mod!
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