Lögreglan: Icelandic Police Skin Pack


Attention, all you sadistic shopping carts out there!

This is an icelandic skin pack for various police models.
VW Arteon
Vapid Contender (The model from the screenshot could not be found)
Opel Corsa
Opel Insignia
Skoda Karoq
VW Passat GTE
VW Touran II
Mercedes Vito
Volvo V60

Big Shoutout to all the people responsible for the models! Thank you!

There is an island right to the south of greenland. It's essentially a huge vulcano with some wikings living on it. In 1912, a 33-year old folk dance professor George Iceland founded iceland. He graduated with a PhD in applied vandalism from the University of Cheeseburg. The idea dates back to the reign of the danish king Røvhul IV. In order to make Denmark the happiest country in the world, unhappy individuals had to be removed. So in 1912, King Røvhul contacted George Iceland in order to find a solution to the problem. As clever as George was, he proposed to use a lonely piece of land in the atlantic ocean to dump all these unhappy danes on. The land was not populated yet, as it is always dark on there and no one can see a thing. He creatively called it ICELAND. The name fit well as iceland is full of ice and land. Some people claim that iceland is a leftover from the production set of 20th century Fox's Ice age that has accidentally been dumped into the atlantic ocean, but that has been labeled likely false by most historicians. In a secret operation all the unwanted danes were transferred to iceland where they are living until this day. Though their unhappiness is gone due to no more having to deal with the danish weather. They are very peaceful nowadays, when the whole icelandic police force consisting 2 officers, 1 car and an icelandic horse under the command of Officer Officerson responds to a call, it's mostly because Olaf Olafson accidentally pressed the fire alert mistaking it for a light switch again. Iceland is really worth a visit, but attention: if you are too fat, icelanders will mistake you for a whale and eat you.

(That's all nonsense, I love Icelanders of course :) )

Credits and readmes are in the archive.

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