Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack [Add-On | OIV | Liveries] 1.9

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Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack is an add-on pack that includes a collection of lore-friendly liveries for various vanilla GTA V vehicles.

- If you have a mod installed that replaces the carcols.ymt file, I've included a "carcols.txt" file in the "Options" folder which includes the changes done to the carcols.ymt file so that you can manually add them to your modified one.

- This pack will replace the following files:
-- carcols.ymt, gameconfig.xml
-- carcols.meta in: mpapartment, mpassault, mpbattle, mpbiker, mpchristmas2, mpchristmas2017, mpchristmas2018, mpgunrunning, mpimportexport, mpjanuary2016, mplowrider, mplowrider2, mppilot, mpsmuggler, mpspecialraces, mpstunt, mpvinewood

- This pack also modifies the following files (but does not replace them):
-- dlclist.xml

- Game version: 1.0.2189.0 - The Cayo Perico Heist Update (Older versions of the game are not supported)
- Menyoo and/or Simple Trainer (or any other trainer that supports vehicle spawning and vehicle customization)
- Mods folder

A list of all of the liveries included as well their creators can be found here.

- Added support for the latest game version (1.0.2189.0 - The Cayo Perico Heist Update)
- Removed all Annis S80RR liveries, they can now be found in the soon to be released Annis S80RR Livery Pack

- No changes.

- No changes.

Q: I opened the .rar archive and there’s only “content”, “content.xml” and “icon.png” files inside.
A: Update your file archiver (7Zip/WinRaR/etc.) to the latest version.

Q: I tried to open the .rar archive but it says that the file is corrupted.
A: Try opening it with a different file archiver (7Zip instead of WinRaR for example). If that doesn’t work, redownload the pack using one of the mirror links (MEGA/Google Drive) that can be found inside the "All Versions" box on the GTA5-Mods download page.

Q: With this pack installed the game either crashes or freezes during the loading screen.
A: You're not on the latest copy of the game or you need to use a different gameconfig.

Q: With this pack installed I'm not able to complete/start any of the story mode missions.
A: Replace the gameconfig.xml file with the one created by F7YO.

Q: Are the liveries included in this pack replacements?
A: No. All the liveries included in this pack are add-ons.

Q: Is this pack compatible with the GTA 5 Redux mod? If not, will it ever be compatible?
A: No. The pack is not compatible with Redux and never will be.

The previous versions of this pack are available here.

You are allowed to use this pack on your FiveM (or any other multiplayer mod for this game) servers as long as proper credits are given to the people involved in the making of this pack and the liveries included in it. You must also ask for permission from the creators to include their liveries on the server.
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