Sasuke's Perfect Susanoo (Final Form) + Animated Wings [Addon]

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Sasuke's Perfect Susanoo (Final Form) + Animated Wings V1

This addon is made for the animated wing script.
With the script you can fly.

Susanoo is a humanoid avatar made of Sasuke's chakra which surrounds him and fights on his behalf. It is the strongest ability available to those who have awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan in both eyes. - Naruto Shippuden

  • Emissive colors. (Glow at night)
  • Animated wings.

  • PerfectSusanoo [addon ped] ]
  • PerfectSusanooWings [addon ped] + PerfectSusanooWings.ini

(To use the wings and fly u need to download the animated wing script.)
  • Install the ped and wings with addon peds.
  • Place PerfectSusanooWings.ini in the main directory of GTA.
  • Add PerfectSusanooWings to Modelname(self)in wings.ini(animated wings script)



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