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Mario and his friends hitch a ride to Los Santos (which they mistook for New Donk City), expecting a completely relaxing vacation. What they didn't have in mind includes swearing people, tons of drugs which they find funny/smelly/unpleasant even for their standards, scantily dressed women, strip clubs, and lots and lots of gangsters and the hysterical police that chase after them. What will they do? Wreak havoc, smell the roses, pole dance, drive through surprisingly clear L.A. traffic, and/or get shot to death by the player? It's up to you.

*Mario (Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash)
*Luigi (Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash)
*Wario (Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash)
*Waluigi (Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash)
*Baby Mario (Mario Super Sluggers)
*Baby Luigi (Mario Super Sluggers)

They all have somewhat limited facial animation too, as a bonus, so you can see them lip sync. Don't think their cartoony eyes allow for blinking though.

Using Add-On Peds is recommended! But if you want to replace any peds (which I don't recommend because you will get freaky plumbers with hilarious missing parts wandering around), it's provided in the readme.

Using a trainer such as Simple Trainer or Native Trainer is also highly recommended. With Simple Trainer, you can even save how they spawn, so you don't have to keep tussling with the annoying clothes options. As far as I know, Simple Trainer also lets you change the clothes, so unless you're happy with eyeless Mario, buttonless Luigi, or disembodied clown jackets, you should use a Trainer. Also, if Luigi isn't staring straight ahead, it's the wrong eyes!

Known weirdness
Characters will break on some animations. This is the most obvious when Mario and Luigi ride a bike, where their upper spine breaks (likely from misplaced bones affecting the IK, but cannot confirm). Warning you in advance, so don't complain about those please.

Due to how the .ymt is set up (and so far, it seems to be difficult, if not impossible to edit those) sometimes, the model may spawn with missing parts. Using a Trainer and adjusting via "ped clothes" option should let you fix it. This is particularly important if you want to make a good Youtube video demonstrating my mod! I've seen videos with incomplete characters already, so please be careful about it.

Most of the plumbers' driving animations, due to the altered bones, will cause them to sink through the seat and even stick out from the bottom of the car. Looks silly, but you probably can't really kart-race as them in a good-looking way unless someone is willing to create some script that helps reorient them.
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