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This enables a first person camera in all cutscenes. I have been wanting to make this mod since Jedijosh920 originally made his first person cutscene video. Special thanks to Slick on the GTA5-Mods Discord for helping me at the start.

Any glitches that you see are from Rockstar themselves. First person cutscenes never would have been a thing originally because of animation glitches which are normally hidden by the camera angles.


Install Scripthook V: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
Copy FPC.asi and FPC.ini into your main GTA V folder

--Key Bindings--
F10: Toggles the mod.
F9: Resets the mod if toggling doesn't fix it.

The mod is on by default.

The camera is not attached to the player/Is in the ground.
Whenever the player is not supposed to be in the cutscene, this bug occurs. Disable the mod with F10 until the player is visible again and it will be fixed.

1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Added ini file. You can now edit the toggle button and change the FOV.
1.2 - Fixed softlock bug.
1.3 - Remade the mod from the ground up. Added a new head tracking option.
1.4 - Added camera smoothing.
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