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RP = Role Play
Role Play is a GTA v scripting mod that creates a realistic experience for players. it allows players to play the role of any character they like and live their life.
they can have degrees, certificates, and licenses to have a job based on their achievements and earn money. players can also do criminal activities and earn money. they can purchase properties, businesses vehicles, and a lot more. In short, I will try to put a realistic touch through this mod in the game. FOR MORE DETAILS LOOK FOR FUTURE PLANS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS DISCRIPTION

  • NEW: More License Types (Eg. Commercial, Non-Commercial, Motorcycle, Plane, Boats)

  • NEW: Seatbelts
  • NEW: Seatbelt rule for drive test

  • NEW: Drive Test
  • FIX: Switching charachters does not change the license status
  • FIX: Does not allow player to use Taxi or vehicles that does not require license

  • Driver's License
  • Manual Configuration

Known Bugs
Let me know if you find one.

How to Use
press F12 to toggle player Hud that has information about your license. you can change it in INI file.
Press U to on/off seat belt

  • Drive Test Center @ Univercity
  • Boat Licensing @ Vespucci beach
  • Pilot @ Flight School @ Los Santos International Airport

.Net Framework 4.8

Installation Guide
Once you install all of the above requirements, Extract all the DLL files in your script directory.

Future Plannings
Currently: I'm working on add some Jobs to make mode playable, If you have any suggestions about "jobs" please, let me know. Your suggestions will be considered 100% if possible.Thank You!
  • Gassoline
  • Purchase vehicles
  • Change character Vehicle
  • Lock/Unlock Vehicles
  • Sell Vehicles
  • Driver
  • Mechanic
  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Races
  • Basic Needs (Hunger, Sleep, Thirst)
  • Fitnerss
  • Sleep anywhere
  • Inventory
  • Outfits
  • Loot dustbeens
  • university Degrees
  • Jobs
  • Businesses
  • Properties
  • Renting Property
  • Weapon Dealer
  • Suppressor On/Off
  • Drug Dealing
  • Bodygurds / Squad
  • Mask on/off
  • Cop Remember
  • Safe Cracker
  • Store Robrries
  • Assasination
  • Sync Shot
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Hunting and selling
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