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    bro, it's really hard to give a name, why not just use the default name like for example I want to add, "s_m_y_blackops_01", how do I adjust it to the name you created in the script? I'm confused

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    When the mod is running, the target doesn't appear when the player is at the target location, and it takes a very, very long time... is it because my device is old? I don't think it's possible that there should be improvements in the script that you made, I hope you fix it soon because it's very good, if it continues to be developed... one more thing, when the target is found and then dies even though you didn't mean to kill him, aka it's just a small attack, but for some reason the target dies and the target dies, the script continues to run, which should not continue but fails and that makes the player trapped in it... a dead target cannot be brought