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    I don't see the creator coming back anytime soon, it's been 3 years. Though I will say that my only gripe is that helicopters do not adhere to the recorded path very well.

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    @Greenwood If you can find a stealth copper 3d model anywhere online (even paid), I'll do it. I haven't been able to find it myself unfortunately. Right now I am working on the VTOL - and hopefully it turns out as badass as i hope it does.

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    @zorrozol are you using this mod in combination with other mods, or on a clean installation/mod folder? If you are using it with other mods, what other mods are being used?

    26 Березня 2021
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    Forgot to add to description, will update later:
    To spawn the vehicle in game, use the model name "fa38".

    23 Березня 2021
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    After downloading third party "Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles", I was able to get the mod working, however, there was a texture flickering/mysterybox rotation on vehicles which I had to fix using a "mpchristmas2017 (flickering fix)" downloaded as a DLC along with the file to get the flickering to stop. With the Flickering gone and the vehicles actually working there was a huge and major issue, it seems like collisions affect the opposite side of the vehicle? This causes crashes after a few collisions and this issue was seen on the APC2 and Police7 (or 8 it's the stinger) vehicles... Those collisions cause huge crumpling on the rear portion of the vehicle and some collisions in the rear part don't register at all.

    Regardless, now I am getting consistent crashing when heading into downtown which I assumed was because of the Bus2 issue @damian001 gave instructions to fix, though I have had no such luck. I think I'll have to go without LC cars until this can get sorted by someone with the time and capability. Save this mod.

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    Completely vanilla GTA V install, files verified, OIV package install crashes the game when loading. Will be attempting bandage fix and will report back when I can get this mod running even, and stable.