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    Nice work,it only crashes everytime on my rig when my ped go's through the ground a bit on landing.although i had a few less crashes(not much but a few) when i udsed the native trainer instead of the simple trainer.

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    Thank you for the update,need to figure out some things but most of my mods are working ater coping the new pdate.rpf to the mods folder only my addon vehicles are broken,i notices that the dlclist.xml was new,so i copied al the lines i added from my old dlclist.xml but this doesn't work,makes the game crash,for people who have crashes try to eliminate mods one by one if possible,i had to remove simple fuel mod and open interieurs,they gave scripthook errors

    05 Вересня 2017
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    Great mod i just replaced the engine sound from the vigero to the tornado because its more similar to the movie's interceptor.and the only thing i miss is the wide rear wheels,could the rim width this be changed in the files?