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    @IKT - i moved the old .asi and MT folder to backup, installed the latest, and mouse stops working the instant i hit 'F' upon approaching a vehicle.. proceeding to set up using the in-game menu, it doesn't come back, despite the setup appearing to be fine.

    FWIW i'm temporarily having to revert to v1.0.877.1 as i've no broadband for a few weeks and Steam began trying to download the latest patch over a Bluetooth tether (how i hate that malware) - as ever, no biggie, and if i'm the only one then the conflict must be my side. More than happy with 4.6.5 for now.. x

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    Latest version breaks mouse-look!?

    Upgrading from 4.6.5 to 4.6.7 - when i get into a car the mouse stops responding; can't rotate view around car, and switching to internal view, cannot look around inside either.

    I depend on the mouse view working, since i map TrackIR to it (only way to use head-tracking AFAIK).

    Am i missing some new setting?

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    Gets as far as "Loading story mode", then launches that damned RGSC malware, asking for a sign-in, but unable to accept one.

    So, total prick tease in its current state, unfortunately.

    Wish i could play the game i've paid for, but Steam wants to download a 3 Gb update for it over a Bluetooth tether that's slower than a 9.6 baud modem.. I have sufficient bandwidth for a sign-in only, not a 3 Gb download..!

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    ..I AM AN IDIOT! It was an outdated version of "First Person Cutscenes" (fpc.dll) causing the conflict..

    Mod still works fine with latest version..

    09 Березня 2019
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    Mk1 Escort (Retinue):

    ..about as faithful as you can get it (given the buggy steering lock)..

    06 Березня 2019
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    @IKT - Hi mate, same old Thrustmaster F430 been using for years, bought a cheap bag of pots on ebay and change 'em out when needed..

    For settings i mostly use your defaults - all three multipliers are left at '1', , then 125, 50 & 1.20 for damper (FYI i'm getting occasional heavy wheel shake when exiting a car whilst the wheel's enabled, but work around it by switching to keyboard before exiting - i suspect i need to lower the damper but it feels fine whilst rolling)..

    I also use Default Neutral Gear, hard rev limit (absolute necessity, thanks!), engine braking (default threshholds), Clutch Bite and Gear/RPM lockup (again, master stroke on that one mate - gets you in the habit of blipping for downshifts)..

    Have you tried my handling configs? I've outdone KT, if i may say so myself, by disabling all the fake / 'Tonka physics' fudges - now, the car handling's simply an emergent function of the basic laws of physics - friction, suspension and weight balance etc. No need to edit materials.dat for realistic lateral traction..

    Been meaning to write up a tutorial on how to do this for any car, not got round to it yet..

    Also been trying to just make a side-by-side video of this track with my handling vs RF2 - ain't got NVENC on my card tho and the results thus far are too choppy to do it justice..

    Besides, i'm incredibly busy just burning laps round this baby - this has gotta be THE crack cocaine of racing sims, and it's absolutely imperative that i finish another 10 laps this very evening, even as my dinner sits in the oven getting cold....

    05 Березня 2019
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    Great mod, works perfect with updated .net plugin!

    03 Березня 2019
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    ...gotta agree with Miezcom above - any chance the tire wall blocking the GP loop could be opened?

    Also, anyone with pop-up issues - try raising 'extended distance scaling' in advanced GFX options..

    03 Березня 2019
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    At last, two of my favourite things, combined! The Nord's been my default track on every sim since forever, but only now can we finally experience the simple, primal satisfaction of being chased round by a helicopter firing machine guns!

    There's gotta be a way to make AI cars spawn and just lock onto the player, like the choppers do - who needs pathing? Aren't there police mods that already enable AI to drive off-road?

    What about Community Races compatibility?

    At the very least, we need some way of adding a checkpoint just to take laptimes.. (a must-have!)

    Must've done 20 laps already today, using these two cars:

    2005 Impreza WRX (Sultan)

    1969 Camaro (Vigero)

    ..based on real specs, with force-feedback steering and head-tracking this is more realistic than AC and almost as good as RF2.. ('cept RF2 doesn't let you carry passengers, or driveby weapons, nitro boost etc.)..

    Vans123 you are legend, sir.. thank you thank you for all your hard work, and sharing!

    03 Березня 2019
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    ..if i set the menu key to F1 then i can get the menu to appear in-game, but then when selecting "create config" it pauses then disappears, and can't be restarted.. Please fix! IKT's RT handling editor's simply no replacement for this one!

    02 Березня 2019