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    Very interested in buying your foxbodies. Don't even need the development model just would like the car in game.

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    I might be beating a dead horse as this mod is kinda old but dude this is some lazy stuff if I've ever seen it. Why did you repackage Aige's 2015 GT addon and replace nothing but the model files with yours? The download includes all of his parts, his handling and vehicles.meta, and even uses the same model name as it? That's weird enough to me as is, but in game this car is impossible to get to handle right (I've tried at least 5 handling lines and this car flips with all of them) and the one that takes the cake is the dummies for the wheels. This comes on some 22 inch BBS wheels that look way out of place and also way too huge, so as soon as you try to modify it with any GTA wheels they stick out about a foot on each side of the car. Seriously this mod is super lazy and I'm not one to normally call anyone out on this stuff but for being something that has pretty good potential this is pretty well fucked.

    08 Вересня 2021