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    @SourceUp I never said anything for "Mods folder". Use OpenIV and open x64d.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutobjects.rpf.
    In the list of files cutobjects.rpf has locate and delete the file named as "p_cs_leaf_s.ydr".
    After you do that place the file the mod gives in X64g.rpf
    Remember always to keep a back up of those two files.
    X64d.rpf and X64g.rpf
    Hope i helped you on this one.

    02 Листопада 2016
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    Found the solution for some people getting the "leaf wound" instead of what this wonderful mod offers.
    Do EVERYTHING as the author says and then go to:
    "x64d.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutobjects.rpf" and delete the "p_cs_leaf_s.ydr" in there.
    That's the same data as the modified you placed in x64g.rpf which creates conflict and as a result it backs up your modified file.
    After deleting it the mod works just fine.
    Hope that will help any of you who were frustrated from this.