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    @NobLessx Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2019 (x64). has a new update make sure to install that and the .NET Framework 4.8 (pretty sure you already got that installed but just in case) what kind of mods you got? I myself overload this games engine with mods but this works for the most part going to test this official version today your issue probably has something to do with that

    also make sure you put files in the script folder

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    Definitely needs some tweaking not much from what I see but this mod script crashes alot ad when it doesn't I get infinite loading into the LS car meet location someone commented before the crash log.. yeah that log is the error crash everyone getting

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    @enoyan yeah the the AI go pretty hard I had an upgraded super car and I definitely would have lost my test runs had the drivers not gotten twisted up by traffic they aren't dumb but a crash will happen eventually or they try a risky / slow maneuver giving a fighting chance unless they start straight up driving into walls or something I don't think you need to make anymore tweaks as far as difficulty.

    Thanks for the work you putting in big homie

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    Some pretty good stuff you working on here I like the concept we really need more single player mods with a focus on street races / race meets

    I currently have a couple mods like "impromptu Races" By EDDIM and "Drag Meets" so far they seem to play nice so far I love the menu having the ability to reset the script its not 100% but with more updates this is a feature I look forward to other devs implementing in they mod menu's so I don't have to reload a save or relaunch the game

    I only see 2 locations where a race can take place and once started you get a few "street racers" to spawn in vehicles something like "Drag Meets" which randomizes all registered vehicles and randomizes the car modifications and appearance I think implementing something like that will help polish the experience of the mod so players don't always get base cars that are just plain white except the blue car that often spawns as part of the mod

    I also have a mod that modifies racer AI which was recommended for the impromptu races I run alot of script mods I think this mod benefits from the faster AI mod as the races I have done were a bit of a challenge not using franklins special ability.

    having the ability to register your own vehicles you have or run into on the streets is a great feature I haven't seen any during my plays yet but look forward to it I registered a couple add on cars be cool no to have the white defaults spawn in

    I'm going to be keeping an eye on this mod for updates and leave in my load order for further testing but as a beta its not too bad or broken just needs more meat and polish randomized spec cars more race locations or even dynamic racers that spawn occasionally to race specific routes or random dynamic point to point races