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    I have found out what was wrong , just in case anyone else will run into this:
    As I use HR2VP for virtualpower on my iphone or ipad its BLE only. On Android you can specify each Adress for Values if you use ANT+ and specify them in the GTbikeV.ini file.
    This wont work with the ios-BLE Version!
    What i dont understand yet is : with any other app i have tried..bkool zwift etc... hr2vp works, as it connects like a smarttrainer... if i turn it it will crash gta v immediately

    when i use a simple speedsensor and hr-strap everything works.. its just a bit boring :-D

    24 Вересня 2021
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    maybe it would be helpful to add that if i choose a course and bike type fixie..i am teleported to the course and there are the bots on their fixed gear bikes, but my character will not change and sit on the bike ..also the "bike-computer" on the bottom right will not appear.. so the mod itself somehow is built into gta v but doesnt work properly..there was an update before i installed ..maybe they changed something to block mods.

    23 Вересня 2021
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    hi there, i have a general problem with the gtbikev mod.. i can see in gta 5 that my hr-sensor for example connected to the gtbikev mod..but when i activate the mod, nothing happens.. its still the normal game ..i have tried it with michael and lamar characters.. nothing happens..i got the epic-version, but it should work from what i have read.. do you now what the problem might be ? i really was searching a lot

    23 Вересня 2021