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    Dont really want to trouble you, only do it if it is easy and quick, and of course, if you are up to it =) Maybe if enough people ask the same thing. For now i use a burrowed gamepad to use the menu since my gaming keyboard lacks numeric keypad, so i'm not really in a haste. Thanks again!

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    @oMeGa-_ Sorry for the delay, been a busy week. Thank you very much for adding non-numpad support. Cheers from brazil!

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    Thank you for this trainer, gamepad support is awesome! Time, Weather and custom car spawner, and particle FX, those are very nice options i love it. Is there a possibility for a non-numpad keyboard support? Like PgUP-PgDN and Home key to chose option, maybe IJKL. Pretty Please? =)

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    It would be awesome to have a non-numpad version keyboard scheme, since i and some people dont have it ;) Maybe Arrow keys or IJKL, or PgUP-PgDN+Home. And Maybe gamepad support in the future, but some, myself included would rather have a simple non-numpad keyboard version. Pretty Please :)

    My second suggestion is to have tuning options for cars like colors, pieces, etc. I reckon this one will be a huge work, but with this, there will be little more for this menu to be perfect as it already cover some nice options such as time and weather wich most menus out there dont have.

    Keep up the good work, and thank you! Cheers from Brazil!