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    @EnderWinner okey thanks ..I'm sorry if I didn't answer you before, I haven't entered the page for a long time, that's why..
    last question ... the truth is that I still do not have a gpu and I could not test, if, hypothetically, I had a new account in social club, could things pass from one account to another? I ask from ignorance, thanks in advance

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    Excuse me, I have a question ... I was banned for 2 years from steam gta online, then when the epic one came out for free but I am without gpu and therefore I cannot test the game whether or not I have a banned account .. . Do I have to create another account of 0 or is there a way to use the online with another or the same account? I wonder why I don't know ... or do you know another program to remove the ban? They banned me because a hacker entered my solo game (I took screenshots) and they banned me permanently and since rockstar does not answer I could never clarify the situation: /

    29 Листопада 2020