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    I forgot to mention in my previous comment that the vehicle delivery system works great (and is a great way to repair cars for free by returning the vehicle and then respawning the vehicle!). Although initially storing vehicles is an issue, the rest of the mod appears to be just fine.

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    Its a really cool mod - I love collecting cars, and the standard 4-car garage in single-player is not satisfactory for this. Additionally, if I wanted to drive one of the cars stored in the standard garage, I would physically need to go there and pick it up, no matter where I am on the map. This mod fixes these things (and more) beautifully. However, there seem to be bugs in the mod, where I sometimes physically cannot enter the garage due to an error 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'. I don't know what causes it, and I don't know what fixes it when I can enter the garage without having to restart the game.