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    @Blackopsmaster2018 You do realise that your so called updated version of this doesn't actually work, there is an error on startup, lively world used to ping updates and blips at the bottom and now it doesn't. I also think you have named one of the files wrong, the Scripthook.dotnet3 file doesn't have the V in it like the others do, personally I wouldn't mess with things I don't know about, the original works but crashes during gameplay with clr,dll faulting module, yours doesn't but that's berceuse it doesn't work.

    I gave renamed the file, I have put just in gta folder, just in scripts folder and in both folders together and it still errors at start up and doesn't activate lively world....

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    I love this mod, it adds all the vehicles in traffic and scenarios to bring the game to life, when used with lively world and the LSRT taxi mod it's perfect but the huge huge problem is, that it does not work with Natural Vision Evolved, this is so incredibly frustrating as in my eyes those two mods are MUSTS to keep GTA V alive, I can install NVE + WOV separately and they work fine, but where installed together they conflict, NVE actually alters popgroups, popcycle and scenarios in the mods folder and there conflicts happening somewhere, the game plays for approximately 5 to 10 minutes and randomly crashes to desktop, i am losing my mind trying to sort this, I tried modifying the files within the OIV of natural vision to prevent them installing but it just errors on OpenIV, IF ANYONE HAS GOT THESE TO WORK TOGETHER WITHOUT CRASHING PLEASE TELL ME HOW???