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  • 21c71d trevor phillips

    The mod you never knew you needed so badly

    02 Вересня 2021
  • 21c71d trevor phillips

    Awesome, thanks!!

    22 Листопада 2018
  • 21c71d trevor phillips

    Thats cool. I have Ultraman but not this version, someone from here made it for me but dropped off the face of the earth and never released it publicly as I asked him too. If you want it, I'll send it to you to share if you want.

    16 Листопада 2018
  • 21c71d trevor phillips

    On behalf of every single one of us on GTAV 5 Mods, a collective thank you, such an amazing tribute. I wonder if he knew people made mods of his creations & played superheroes and villains, I’m sure he would have often great joy in knowing his work will not be forgotten.

    13 Листопада 2018
  • 21c71d trevor phillips
  • 21c71d trevor phillips

    the pervert in me wouldn't mind adding her to my collection of nude peds... just sayin. downloading now.. :) thanks. oh and if I had a ninja style outfit (something bad ass looking) for Naotora & Lei Fang with a nude option, I'd absolutely have no problem donating some money....

    08 Листопада 2018
  • 21c71d trevor phillips

    @nsh3t Ok lemme clarify but I think you understand now... I don't mind 1,000 flashes for example as long as they're 1,000 different versions of the costume. What gets overkill is people that post season 4 for example and its identical to three other people's season 4 outfit that they uploaded. The only exception to this, for me, would be for example if they included a head change to 'remove the mask'... that's all.

    I want variations, different comic versions of the characters---that to me is awesome. However there's literally 5 versions of season 4 flashes out there and only ONE is different and that's the one that includes taking the mask of... lol so that's my only minor 'gripe'...

    Also, I was hopefully encouraging you (or others) to focus on characters or versions that have never been done. For example, I had GTA_KWABZ made me a few peds that are not (or had not) been on here yet. I have a Killer Frost, Black Canary and a White Canary (although someone already made one). He also made me an Ultraman which is really cool. I've asked him to share it on here but something must be going on with him personally (or he lost interest in modding) because he's disappeared (2nd time he's done that) and haven't seen him since July....

    You should seriously consider doing a Patreon and do some exclusive peds--I know I'd join (as long as you're membership isn't ridiculous). The cheapest is $1 a month and the most expensive I generally do is I think $20 or $25 and that's kinda high for me since I belong to 5-8 at a time, depending on the prices... There is one modder, I'd love to join his patreon but his price for the basic level is $50 and he goes up from there. He's not horrible but I really don't want to pay $50 a month just for one guy..

    01 Листопада 2018
  • 21c71d trevor phillips

    @Pakamaster please don't make supergirl...no offense but there's THREE different modders already out that have Supergirl not including a Powergirl (which I have but its not released because the guy who made it for me disappeared--I'll gladly give it to anyone privately). Seriously no offense but take peds like Spiderman, Superman and the Flash (not counting the various suits differences) there's literally dozens of the same ped--same suit, same face, same everything... I love the Flash, Superman & the others as much as the next guy but when it gets to 3 different modders making the same ped, it gets a bit too much after that.

    @nsht I'm having a problem with the mod for human torch with your ped. I keep typing P and nothing happens. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?? Also, if we use Ghostrider, we wont be able to fly, correct?? I used Magneto with her and that was fun.

  • 21c71d trevor phillips

    @Fabio Campello yeah please let us know, been looking for that car for a couple of years! The peds are awesome!

  • 21c71d trevor phillips

    You're a mastermind evil genius. I've tried every type of 'bodyguard' type of mod out there and most don't work very well. Some wont even do squat. I've had everything from them refusing to get into vehicles, refusing to fire the weapons they're behind on helicopters or insurgents, hell I've even had them run away at the first gunshot fired by ANYONE.

    Yet yours works flawlessly... I accidently hit the 'follow me' button and had a guy follow me for the entire time I played the other night, I think I played at least an hour or so. It was a lot of fun, and he fired guns with no problem whatsoever... I almost forgot he wasn't a human player for a tiny second or two, loil...