2008 Ford Fusion Stock Car Nascar [Unlocked] 1.0


2008 Ford Fusion Stock Car Nascar
Unlocked model feel free to edit

Model was (slightly surprisingly lol) done in only fifteen minutes, excluding game testing/screenshotting time, the quickest one I've done so may do the chevy nascar aswell

Spoiler as extra part
Doors, nascars dont have those..
bonnet and boot open
steering wheel moves with hands positioned on it
rev counter works

For those not wanting a non road legal racecar cruising their streets, take note that Nascars can be made road legal in real life. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/own-a-street-legal-nascar-race-car-for-21000/

VIP and Private Release mods (as seen in screenshots and on my website) are available for Free to those who qualify, for more information contact my facebook page

Installing car mods info https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/50/info-about-installing-car-mods

my website with some mods listed

GTA Facebook group (with group only car mod downloads)

Purpose of the low quality interior models is so every car in the game can be replaced on a lower end computer without any lag to the game and also so on higher end computers every car can be replaced and a high quality graphics mod installed without any lag, because installing high qualtiy cars then high quality world textures, just causes major problems its usually add one or the other or make a compromise of lower graphics. and also these models are simply to get as many car models into the game as possible so I can always get what car I want,
all the models are unlocked for anyone who wants to improve the quality or make a different version, so this is providing more source material for those who cant convert cars but want to edit them.
the interiors doesn't matter anyway unless you only use 1st person, exteriors are still good quality and look realistic, don't like it don't download it, simple as. i will NOT stop making what i want to make just because some of you don't see the benefits :)
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