2018 Ford XLT F350 SuperDuty Extended Cab Ambulance (ELS) [Replace/FiveM] 1.0.01b

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AEV Traumahawk 2018 Ford XLT F350 SuperDuty Extended Cab Custom Ambulance (ELS) by candimods

brand new Green Diesel Ambulances have been delivered to your department from candimods

Support my work and get access to exclusive content and early releases on https://www.patreon.com/candimods

Great Tip: save the vehicle in your trainer or vehicle menu to operate the doors and components while you are out of the vehicle.

Based on NYC private hospital ambulances and design, AEV Trauma-hawk custom edition. Lore Liverys Included as well as template.

download updated vcf.xml

known bugs: els vcf guess i edited it wrong, see comments for a fix!!! Will update vcf soon...

for texture devs, the template is messy i know but it works, may need a tweek, but it works i somehow lost the better one and cant locate it.

Seats 4 two in front and two in the back

tested in fivem, with MVGA, and MrDagees ELS for fivem.

Changing light colors:
light colors can be changed in the ytd, m4 use emerglights texture, you can change the amber to another color of your choosing. you can also edit the lightbar textures to change the colors of the lightbar and the m4's.

when editing the texture square for light emissives dont just place a new color on top, as it will bleed through in game, cut out the color you dont want and replace it with the new light emissive of your choosing.

can support up to 7 liveries and seats up to 4, two in front two in back, with exterior stretcher via extra_ten as an option.

included some sample liverys

Did you find hidden the features?

ELS Allotment-
you need ELS for this mod to work, if you dont use the included vcf please disable Extra_8 and Extra_ten so those parts dont flash in emergency mode.

Extra_1 - m4's, light bar corners, m2's
Extra_2 - light bar center red
Extra_3 - light bar center blue
Extra_4 - m4's, light bar corners, m2's
Extra_5 - lightbar white leds/alleys
Extra_6 - lights white leds/alleys
Extra_7 - amber rear lights

Extra_9 - amber rear lights

vehicle components
Extra_8 - stretcher on ground
Extra_ten - interior stretcher on/off
Extra_11 - rear loading lights
Extra_12 - scene lights

Liberty 2 lightbar by lamping/sobo
Whelen m4 by james
whelen m2 converted by StraightGlitcheZ from lcpdfr
Motorola on Board Computer
Center Console -
Patient Compartment
Double Captains Chairs
CPR Seat and Bench Seat
Medical Jump Bags
Cardiac Monitor
Action Center with Cell Phone, Radio, and Computer
Cardiac Monitor

Credits included in download as well as install instructions

-Special Thanks to Thero for all your Help
- &Veteran Mods
-included 7 Livery's and fd logos credit to medic4523. this vehicle will match up with the Dodge rambulance model
-NYC ems skins collab with C Bake B&B Entertainment

Base vehicle from medic4523
converted to GTAV by lamping/sobo/dbanker

redone polys and new step, a.c. box, passthrough, walls and interior lighting,
new template and uvmapping by candimods

had this vehicle for over a year now, just decided to make this ambulance with it, with hopes its brings you great role play experiences, if you stream live, or post to youtube link your video in comments or add them to them mod.

sister ambulance:

new discord, you can get install help on my discord

screenshots and videos dont reflect updates and pack changes

Terms of use

you are pemitted to use this mode in SP and Fivem Only, you are NOT allowed to rip, reupload, redistribute, or repackage this modification. Please link to this download. you are NOT allowed to UNLOCK this file. Texture Devs may link to this download only.
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