1985 Mazda RX-7 FB GSL-SE [Add-On | Tuning | Livery | Sounds | LOD's | FiveM] 1.1

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Mazda RX-7 FB GSL-SE

Update history

Side blinkers are actually side markers -- no more blinking, turns on static with headlights (big ups to gta v classics discord for clarifying)
Fixed the artifacting in the emissives on those lights as well
Added sick livery by HummingBird

Brought to you by the GVMA family

This is my second conversion. Includes some tuning parts from forza, my friends, and some I tried myself (still learning). This car was also the perfect excuse to ride the wave of this new generation of custom sounds from other games porting perfectly into V and use a rotary from it.

conversion - (CipherOG)me
car model - Playground Games (Forza)
tuning part models - Forza, CipherOG, melon, HummingBird, Wanted188
tire model - GreenAid
custom sound (very sexy rotary), various flag adjustments - Aquaphobic
livery - me (this was a quick test livery I put together, may not be perfectly aligned on some decals)
simcade/touge handling - TheAussie, melon
13b engine samples - Pole Position Production(NFS Payback/Heat)
Legacy_DMC - GSTool
GVMA for the usual guidance, testing, and suggestions

- Includes SP and FiveM ready files
- Fully stock detailed car
- Breakable glass
- Hands on steering wheel
- Functional dials
- Functioning LODs (0-4)
- Detailed engine bay and interior
- Animated engine (exhaust shake, fan animation)
- Dirt mapping
- Livery template
- Custom 13b sound
- Tuning parts
- Paintable interior

Recommended mods:
- IKT's Vstancer (for the wide arches), Manual Transmission

What you will need (Single Player)
- game version: (2372 onwards) LS tuners and later
- proper gameconfig
- heap limit adjuster
- packfile limit adjuster
- place mazrx7fb folder in: Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
- go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml, open and add dlcpacks:/mazrx7fb/

What you will need (FiveM)
- start or ensure mazrx7fb on your server.cfg and put the mazrx7fb in your resource folder
- no seriously that's it if you can't make it work it ain't on me

As proof that you've read the readme, I will not be entertaining any questions in DMs unless you message me the following text: twonumbernines

spawn name: mazrx7fb

Known/possible bugs:
- lights aren't breakable as I made them miscs for tuning purposes - this is literally the price for the rice
- dirtmap is pretty meh, let me know if you care enough. I may or may not make a custom one for it, depends on how I feel lmao.
- if tuning doesn't show up, that means you have a mod which uses the same modkit ID in it's carcols file. You can simply change it to a different value using text editors. Learn more here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/9648/tutorial-how-to-fix-modkit-id-tuning-error/3
- some tuning parts will clip with each other - that means they are not meant to be used with each other (e.g. chassis mounted wing and stock bumpers)

- livery can use both embedded tuning yft method and the usual ytd method
- handling was made with simcade style in mind - it's more forgiving the the one included in my kenmeri but if you still think this is hard to use, slap on a futo handling on it lmao

Please avoid redistributing to other sites. Only uploaded in gta5-mods. Also, this is a FREE mod. If you paid for this, you were scammed.
Please do not use this as a reward for donations on your fivem servers. If you really want to, dm me. If you see this as a donation reward in any server, dm me.
Also please for the love of god, don't slap on gigantic wheels on it, call it a donk, and sell it as a premium mod. Have some decency, convert your own.
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