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This mod fixes the broken surface normals (causing a "bubbly" appearance) and a vast number of other bugs on 124 original & early DLC vehicles. Every vehicle and tuning part in this pack features corrected and properly weighted normals on all affected LODs.

Common Bug Fixes
-Badge materials using the wrong specular map texture, causing them to have a mirror-like reflection
-Badge & grille mesh materials lacking a normal map texture, causing them to have a flat, two-dimensional appearance
-Badge textures lacking mipmaps, causing them to appear jagged and pixelated from a distance
-Lights textures being excessively dark and lacking transparency

Notable Bug Fixes
-Sentinel: Emissive passenger door window on a lower LOD
-Police Cruiser: "Obey & Survive" text on driver door being partially cut off
-Emperor: Brake & reverse lights not being emissive on highest LOD
-Bodhi: Swapped rear light functions & broken tow hitch functionality
-Gresley: Mirrored right fender badge
-Stanier & Huntley S: Outer wheel barrel disappearing when tire is burst
-Granger (Stock & FIB): Holes in chassis on either side of rear seats
-Police Roadcruiser: Mirrored NYSP seal on passenger door & grille badges not appearing due to material error
-Massacro: Broken material causing wheels to be permanently white instead of colorable as intended
-Futo: Missing yellow decals on doors*

See this Imgur album for a gallery & list of all included cars with details of every bug fix.

-Add the "qolpack" folder to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
-Open dlclist.xml (mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml)
-Add the following line: <Item>dlcpacks:/qolpack/</Item>
Additional instructions can be found in the included README.

All vehicles from the base game, as well as DLC vehicles from up to and including the Lowriders: Custom Classics update, will eventually be added through semi-regular updates. Vehicles that appear in vanilla Story Mode are being prioritized; once all base game passenger cars have been added, Online exclusive vehicles will be added as well. Excluding motorcycles, heavy industrial vehicles, aircraft, boats, trailers, or variants of cars that have been added (i.e. rusty beaters), there are 29 base game passenger cars left to add.

All models are unlocked and free to use for your own projects, provided you give credit. Contact me on Discord if you have questions.

-Dani02: Suspension rigging
-sirstirfry: Recreated GoPostal logos
-SilentSoul21: Recreated Futo-specific Karin logo
-13Stewartc: Inspiration and early help
-Skysder: Main image

Version 1.11 (April 1, 2024)
-Added Cognoscenti Cabrio & Massacro
-FIB Granger: Fixed front license plate floating in front of bumper
-Minivan: Fixed trim texture mapping on B-pillar and corrected light texture opacity
-Rancher XL: Fixed inconsistent dirt mapping on all LODs and larger rocker panels on lower LODs

Version 1.10 (November 1, 2023)
-Added Duneloader, FIB Granger, Sandking SWB, & Sentinel
-Granger: Fixed gap on either end of rear seats and corrected light texture opacity
-Phoenix: Fixed lip spoiler extra opening with trunk
-Police Cruiser: Fixed swapped light bar glass collision models
-Romero: Fixed hole at front of chassis, behind front bumper
-Sentinel XS - Corrected light texture brightness and and opacity
-Sheriff Cruiser: Fixed emergency flashers not being emissive on L0 and swapped light bar glass collision models
-Voodoo Fixed trunk not aligning with body and front right quarter window being unbreakable
-Youga: Fixed surface normals of customization parts
-Faggio: Fixed gaps at bottom of body and pinstripe shape on L0

A full changelog dating back to 1.0 (January 1, 2023) can be found in the included README.

*These decals were intentionally removed in the After Hours update because the vehicle received liveries. To restore the intended default appearance, the decals have been added back. An option to remove them is available in the livery menu, and they will also be removed when any other livery is added.
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