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The brass dropped the nukes so the nation could drop the tops. Forget about the brewing civil conflicts or the powers that be swinging their dicks straight into World War 3 - you just got the coolest flames painted on the sides of your Tannen and that Clique chump's ready for a race down the LS river. Today's the day to show the world who's who - and everything else can wait.

Modifying this package and its contents (except the handling, .meta files and modkit), uploading it elsewhere as is or in a changed state and/or using it on FiveM servers without author's explicit permission is prohibited.

Based on a 1946 Ford Deluxe
Hypermod version is based on the weird Ford Deluxe from the movie Grease

Update 1.1:
emergency update. the "I HATE MANURE!" roof modpart was incorrectly scaled and clipped thtough the front seats. It is now fixed

Update 1.2:
Replaced the "akward" chrome strip on the boot with an actual handle. Also fixed the "badge not moving with the boot" issue the previous versions had. + the handle and plate have been moved up a tiny bit as to not clip with the Woody trim.

unpack the .zip file and drag the tannen folder into your mods folder
add the line:
to dlclist.xml in update.rpf in the mods folder

Spawn names:

johndoe968: Creator of original model
Smukkeunger: Porting as well as slight model edits, additional mod-parts including liveries & LODs
Sirocc: Fender modelling for Tannen Hypermod
NightinGery: Handling
Skysder: Carvariations.meta
MyCrystals!: Description
HeliosAxitro: Beige, White, Brown, Black 2 tone liveries
TheSecretPower: badges
R3tr0 Dr1v3r: Pictures
Sealyx: Picture
GOM: Pictures
13Stewartc: Help with various parts of the porting process
VanillaWorks Community: Feedback and suggestions to model edits
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