What's up everyone..!
Mjolnir - config to Hammer of Thor with Pickups script.
Mod based on Trevor's magic bat.
New icon for hammer.
Renamed from Hammer to Mjolnir.
Mjolnir has more damage & force.

I could't do this if it was't a small problem,
When you use default config, hammer is located weird.
+with this mod you got a right location of the hammer;
+with this config you got new icon for hammer;
+with this mod you got real name of hammer - Mjolnir;
+with this mod you got a small powers for hammer.


Firstly you need to install:
OpenIV [openiv.com]
Hammer of Thor [gta5-mods.com/weapons/hammer-of-thor-mrbond123];
Pickups script [gta5-mods.com/scripts/pickups].

-Then with open package istaller in OpenIV select Mjolnir.oiv;
-And then install this .oiv file.


That's all.
Download, play & enjoy!
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