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ikON Projects - Malibu Apartment for GTAV

Please welcome a secret place, in a preferred location ;) central of "Malibu", with garden, and garage.
About interior: ambient and other sounds as the same when You out in the streets, because this is not real mlo's, only some prop placed areas. Not available the full space, because of the game original collisions. I trying my best.

Programs required:

- 1.46 - Arena War DLC
- Map Builder
and of course all other which need to .net (full list in ReadMe)

The other mods in the video: ikON Projects [ymap | .net | Map Editor] and Party for ikONProjects

Collision fix: With this file You can use 100% space of the apartment.
Drops the same place where the ymap.

Remove FOR SALE sigs: you need some high level dlc pack, for the correct working in SP, otherwise there is LOD error.
For ex.: ikONProjects v3

© 2019 ikON
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