Pikes Peak Hillclimb [Add-on SP/FiveM] 1.0 Singleplayer

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THE MOST LEGENDARY HILLCLIMB IS HERE! Pikes Peak is now avaliable for the public after many months of revisions and fixes it's finally ready for the rally, hillclimbers and drifters alike. The length is 20 KM but it feels a lot long than that once you start trying to predict every corner. I wanna see people beat that 12 min world record so go crazy for clips. I hope you all enjoy one of the more addicting maps I've put out.

!LOCATION IS EAST OF THE MAIN ISLAND! (kinda hard to miss)

- Put the basedpikespeak folder in the dlcpacks folder (mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks)
- Go to the dlclist.xml and make sure it's enabled.
Make sure you have ScriptHookV, OpenIV, No Boundary Limits, a Trainer, Packfile/Heap Adjuster and custom gameconfig (all can be found on this website). I tested this in SP and FiveM. It works so double check your game if crashes happen.

There is already a FiveM Package. Use that instead of the SP to FiveM business. It's amazing how many ppl miss that standalone package
- Drop the basedsimtraxxpikespeak folder into your server resources and ensure it in the server.cfg

Version 1.0
- Initial release

For FiveM: I would not advised moving the map any more to the right/east because of the x/y 16000M limit. I've pretty much put it as far as possible without losing the ability to noclip and re-spawn with trainers. This problem doesn't seem to exist in SP so go crazy there

- Some road collision/mesh inaccuracies at high elevations
- Shadows stop casting some where near the top (z 1500 to 1510). This is unavoidable since it's a bug with base GTA V
- Traffic is not getting added so don't ask

The source file were pulled from the AssettoCorsa.Club (https://assettocorsa.club/mods/tracks/pikes-peak.html) I'm creditting Simtraxx for the original map since the source was pulled from http://actraxx.blogspot.com/p/sim-traxx-assetto-corsa-tracks-download.html. I couldn't find it on the actual Simtraxx store page but it says it was public
I have more Simtraxx stuff but it's not finished yet. They have excellent tracks so seeing them come to GTA would be great for the real drivers out there.

Contact is Based 6157 on discord

Tools Used:
Blender Sollumz Plugin
Photoshop CS6
Kn5 Converter
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