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REQUIREMENT NECESSARY: Install a gamecofig of your choice, after testing without it i found its neccesary, i put here what im using: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars

Changelog 1.4:

- All Chamberlain reedited with much more families around with different schedules

- Marabunte Grande now have much more presence around their hood

- Armenian Mob now have presence in a few places in La Mesa, and more activity around La Puerta

- Bikers Gang now have a little more presence in their place near the casino.

- Marabunte, Armenian and Bikers now have their own set of vehicles (bikers have motorcycles mostly). I have to add much more for this new factions, specially for bikers, dont expect to much about them. The Marabunte is the most edited gang, the second one the Armenians, bikers not to much for now, but i will.

- I did put Azteca ped with Armenians, is the only way to use it for gang wars against the vagos. The armenians have a vanilla ped with mexican accent, so the azteca is perfect to improve the gang. I did edited all the Armenian gang textures from the members, so all they wear black/grey now. The cars are black/white.

- Added pologoon01 and pologoon02 to the Vagos and they will spawn now with them.

- Popgroups and popcycle edited for the new gangs, so you can see them walking, with more presence in their hoods. Some of the gangs like armenias had only avalible the scenarios options, now they can spawn walking like families or ballas por example. I made an alternative version with low traffic in the hoods

So i didnt know how to call this mod, too many changes. But the coolest thing is that you can see gang members in cars and they will react against you in a better way than vanilla version. All is explained in files anyways.


- New scenarios with gang cars and members of the gang inside them. The cars spawn as scenarios when you get close to them, they dont spawn as traffic. The scenarios will spawn as you move and go to new zones, in roads and haleys. I looking for a way to make them keep spawing even if you are in the same place. Of course, you will find them in different hours around the gangs hood. I made them in a way so they do drive-by and fights/combat can start. Of course, you need to drive/move around to start find them. I will improve them and add more. It's has some problems that you should know. I will explain it in "problems" section

- The cars and scenarios are only for Families, Ballas and Vagos.

- More cars for gangs, with vanilla colors and colors for my "More Gang Members" mod. Windows tint is now in stock version so you can see better the gang members inside the cars.

- Females from families and ballas will spawn again in some areas. I added some scenarios with females too. Deleted strpunk1 and 2 from families.

- Mexgoon03 is back to the Rancho and Vagos net.

- More activity gang, parked cars and new scenarios in some places. I have in mind add much more, time will say.

- New loadouts, more realistic in my opinion, sometimes they will be unarmed or maybe a ak-47 (the best one they can have). With low ammo so gangs will shoot a few bullets and dissaper running away. There are more versions like "only melee" version.

- Better melee fighters, nothing new from other mods

- Gangs dont lose accesories in melee fights so easyly. Longer melee fights.

- Better gang behavior in combat, better weapon selection. The behavior is more realistic. Gangs will shoot fast their guns. If you use "more ammo" version you will see they will try to stay more in cover, shoot more from distances and charge less, so they dont rush like idiots into death. I have to tune this better.

- Better gang reaction against the player. If they can see you, they will react soon against you, like if you were inside enemy gang territory. If you fool around to much or get too close, they will start combat.

- Hate tunned. Now gangs will "active" hate event when they are more close to each other, so they dont start combat to far away. This need more test so i can make it better.

INSTALLATION (explanation of every file in the folders so you know what you need and what you dont):

- Using OPEN IV in edit mode, install in your mods folder the files that you want following the rute i gave you.
FOR CARS TO SHOW UP YOU ONLY NEED: ambientpedmodelsets.meta, scenarios.meta and all the scenario files.
FOR MORE CARS: you need the vehiclemodelsets.meta (in readme files says you need to change the colors manually for vanilla version, but i did a version already, is the main one, the alternative is for my "More Gang Members 2.0" mod).

- Following the same steps as before, install the three more files that should go together for a better gang reaction against you. The files are relationships.dat, agitatedtriggers.meta and events.meta.

- As before, install the rest of the files that you want. They work independly and are optionals, but they are highly recommended.

- Then edit the gameconfig file for a better experience having more peds fighting, do the next, information by Dealien:

Search for "CCombatDirector" and change the value to "50" (should be around line 57)
Just below there is "CCombatInfo", change the value to "170"
Just below there is "CCombatSituation", change the value to "60"
A little further down at "CombatMeleeManager_Groups" change the value to "30"


- The principal problem is that you will see gang cars without members inside sometimes, you will see the random npcs that you see in others cars. This sometimes happens even if you see the scenario popping up and get close to it. But normally this happens when a car that finished the scenario or started already, is far away from player, or even if you are close but look to other place. I looking for a way to fix this but the only thing i could make to improve it is add a short range spawn for most of the scenarios i did already made (not all). So maybe some cars pop up in the distance and you will see it clearly, but the problem happens less.

- The reaction of the gangs against you maybe doesnt work sometimes. This normally happens when a side mission pops up, or a main game event happens. They can even start to flee from you. Just go away and come back and they will start reacting "normal" again.

- The mod is really designed to play as Franklin as family member, being a enemy of the other gangs. There are optional files to play as ped and make gang react similar, but it will not be the same.


- I highly recomend some mod of your like that changes ped accuracy, cuz with the high fire ratio everyone can die in a moment.

- If you use Trainer V and try to enter nearest car as passenger it wont happen. The driver will not be detected. You need a mod of your like with a script to make this happen. But maybe works bad and you kick out a member from the car.

- A mod that make ped fearless could be good too, so they dont run over gang members in combat. But be aware about compatibility. Im working on make my on file.


For now i tested it with lot of mods and it works perfectly. BUT, if you using mods that change scenarios or events around the map you maybe crash when load the game. It this happens is cuz a script. So in order to find what it is, you should find the script that change world events or something, move it from script folders and try it again.

Using mods like LS Life or The Gang can make things works different in ai behavior and relationships. Or a lite crazy with the dealers from LS Life, so keep that in mind. For example Families will not respect you unless you join the gang using The Gang mod. Or maybe with LS Life you see a Familie with a shootgun killing families (cuz a familie spawned as drug delaer).
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