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Better Police Weapon Loadouts is a modification of the loadouts.meta file responsible for controlling ped weapons loadouts. I have made the following changes to increase realism and variety:

Cops have limited ammo in their primary weapons - 180 rounds in carbines and MP5s, 64 rounds in shotguns. Pistols have unlimited ammo.
All police shotguns, MP5s and carbines have flashligths.
Cops and Shotgun SWAT (they use the same loadout) have 75% chance to get the normal Pistol and 25% to get the Combat Pistol and then a 50% chance to get a flashlight on their pistol.
Shotgun Cops have 10% chance to spawn with the carbine instead of the shotgun.
SWAT has Heavy Pistols with flashlights as their sidearms.
SWAT has 15% chance to get a MP5, 42.5% chance to get a carbine and 42.5% chance to get a carbine with a scope.
Soldiers get Heavy Pistols, carbines with flashlights, scopes and gripes and a 25% chance of a Combat MG with a scope.
All cops and SWAT get nightsticks and soldiers get knifes.



Install with OpenIV to update.rpf/common/data/ai. This will prevent you from playing online, so make backups (I'd make a backup of the entire update.rpf to be sure). Also, if there is an update, you'll have to install this again.


This download is exclusive to LCPDFR.com and GTA5-mods.

Feel free to edit the file, just make sure to credit me. However, don't re-upload if you have not changed anything.

Made by Rockstar Games, edited by Yard1

Questions? Ask here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/topic/50335-dispatchmeta-editing/
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