NaturalVision Evolved: ENB calibrated (Medium preset) 2.4


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A calibrated user preset for graphic modification of Natural Vision Evolved.

1) Install NaturalVision: Evolved.
2) Install a medium preset from the NVE archive that comes with the modification.
3) Transfer files from my archive to the root folder with the game, confirm the replacement.

Attention: Works only with the installed NVE modification.

Custom improvements: Improved sharpness, anti-aliasing and color correction.
Reworked anti-aliasing for CAS sharpness.

If you liked my calibrated preset for NaturalVision: Evolved, put your royal like and subscribe.

> YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKP9Tnp0rlEcYk11YNukP_Q
> Discord Server : https://discord.gg/BbavTG7

Version v. [2.4] Full support for the latest NVE version dated July 3, 2021.

1) Improved night lighting.
2) Improved the quality of reflections.
3) More pleasant sunrises and sunsets.
4) Requires my ReShade preset for best results.

Version v. [2.3] Full support for the latest version of NVE from May 2st.

1) Reflections from the car body have been completed.
2) Improved visibility of discs and chrome.
3) Clearer reflections from the car body of all objects, including clouds.
4) Requires my ReShade preset for best results.

Version v. [2.2] Full support for the latest version of NVE from May 1st.

1) Adjusted wet asphalt at night.
2) Slightly higher performance at night (depending on the video card).
3) More pleasant picture in Cloudy weather.
4) Perfect color correction with my ReShade preset.

Version v. [2.1] Full support for the latest version of NVE from April 2nd.

1) Saturation corrected.
2) Better glare from asphalt at night.
3) Compatibility with earlier versions of ENB.

Version v. [2.0] Full support for the latest NVE update on February 28th.

1) Slightly improved contrast.
2) Improved lighting quality.
3) Corrected the headlights at night.

Version v. [1.9] is a minor update. Which slightly increases performance during the daytime.

1) Improved overall daytime performance.
2) Improved shadow maps.
3) Corrected glare at night.

Version v. [1.8]b, is a revised and improved version [1.8]. After playing the game for many hours, I came to the conclusion that some things need to be adjusted to make the picture look more realistic. The list of changes is shown below:

1) Adjusted reflections from asphalt in the daytime. Now it doesn't look too wet and there are fewer objects reflected from it.
2) Improved reflections and glare on the bodies of all cars in the game.
3) Asphalt now looks more voluminous and damp at night, especially when it is raining or thunderstorm.
4) Improved shadows on cars.
5) In fact, the FPS should rise in the daytime, although I cannot guarantee you this. It all depends on the power of your PC, most of all on the GPU.

You can still use version [1.8] if you want more reflections during the day.
If you want to support this project - write to me in Discord.
You have the opportunity to get an exclusive ReShade to work together with the ENB.

Version v. [1.8] Full support for the latest NVE Update on January 30th/31th.
1) The glass quality of absolutely all cars in the game has been improved, and not only cars.
2) Full reflections on the asphalt, both at night and during the day (Major changes)
3) Added more reflections and highlights from all surfaces, including car windows.
4) Improved soft shadows.
5) More wet asphalt during rain and thunderstorms.

This preset is designed for fairly powerful video cards with RTX support. If you have a GTX graphics card, it is better to use version 1.7 for higher frame rates.
In the future, I plan to improve and refine this graphics preset.

Version v. [1.7] Full support for the latest NVE update on December 31th.
1) Improved shadows
2) The value of the optimal smoothing is set
3) Edited warm colors

Version v. [1.6] Full support for the latest NVE update on November 30th.
1) Fixed sharpness
2) Improved glare
3) Improved surface reflections
4) Full feature support on the Cayo Perico Heist Island
5) Optimized for Nvidia DSR [2k/4k]

Version v.[1.5] Full support for the latest update for NVE from October 30th.
1) Balanced sharpness
2) Improved color gamut
3) Total reflections on surfaces

Version v.[1.3] has been released, which works with the new ENB, which appeared in the October update of the NVE. For correct operation, you need the latest version of the ENB for October!

An updated version v.[1.1] of the calibrated preset for NVE with improved gamma and contrast will be released in the near future.

Making presets ENB and Reshade for your PC.
You can get more information by writing me a private message on Discord.

The very modification of NaturalVision: Evolved, can be purchased here: https://www.patreon.com/razedmods
Modification author: Razed.
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