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V-Rock - Classic GTA Radio Pack (version 1.8)

This is a compilation of six radio stations, four from Vice City/Vice City Stories and two from San Andreas
157 songs, over 10 hours of music.

From Vice City and Vice City Stories:

V-Rock, radio station with two playlists, the first is the V-Rock from Vice City with Lazlow,
the second the V-Rock from Vice City Stories with Couzin Ed and "intern" Lazlow.

Wave 103, two playlists, first from Vice City, with Adam First, second from Vice City Stories with Trish Camden and Adam First.

Flash FM, two playlists, first from Vice City with Toni, second from Vice City Stories with Toni and Teri.

Emotion 98.3, two playlists, first from Vice City with Fernando Martinez, second from Vice City Stories with Lionel Makepeace.

From GTA San Andreas:

Radio X, with Sage.
K-DST, with Tommy Smith.

Thanks to the guys from codewalker, and a special thanks to Wildbrick, who answered my stupid questions about all of this, and for
the community radio hud, which this mod is using for the Radio Wheel.

Installation instructions:

No OIV, I personally don't like those, so manual installation.

Pretty easy:

1) Extract dlc.rpf to the game directory in update\x64\dlcpacks\radio_vrock
2) edit update.rpf\common\data\dclist.xml and add: dlcpacks:/radio_vrock/
3) Put hud.gfx and hud.ytd in update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages\scaleform_gereric.prf

If you have more radio mods, it could be that text labels for the songs are not displayed in the radio wheels.

No worries, easily fixed, go to update.rpf\x64\data\lang and open the RPF of your desired language, select trackid.gxt2, and
select export to openformat text file (.oxt), open trackid.oxt in the archive (with notepad for instance) and copy the lines (not the opening and closing brackets
at the top and bottom, then simply copy those into the trackid.oxt you extracted from openiv, and save the file, finally just drag and drop the file back into the
language rpf you extracted the tracklist.gxt2 from.

Trackid's used: 5550-5595 and 2120-2230

I have included the hud.gfx and hud.ytd from Wildbricks's Radio community hud.
Thanks !


Alternate download:


had to update the track-id's because vrock and x-radio were conflicting with new stations added by R.
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