Bulletproof Helmet for SWAT/NOOSE 1.0

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There may be a few helmets to pick from for everyone's favorite NOOSE officer, but it seems none of them really give that realistic feel or fit him all too well (at least to my taste).

Thanks to Avitia28's (Initial Mod), the Bulletproof helmet can now be worn by the SWAT/NOOSE Ped.

This mod was simply created by taking Avitia's helmet and having it use Rockstar's Texture instead of his own. Included in this file is the Bulletproof helmet for NOOSE in Black (by default) but also 4 other texture file options that were made for the helmet by Rockstar in case black really doesn't fit your style or your particular skin.

I did not partake in any actual creation of this file, all I did was replace Avitia's texture with Rockstar's texture. The only reason why i'm uploading this is for 2 reasons:

  • Avitia initially had plans to make his helmet black and various colors for use with SWAT Peds, but his posts stated he doesn't have the time to do so.
  • For convenience, so people don't have to go through the trouble of digging through RPF's trying to find the helmet and it's textures for potential custom peds or their own SWAT Peds.

I would strongly suggest giving Avitia's mods a look, they're pretty cool and lore-friendly for all you EUP/Police modders out there.


Avitia28: For the initial model that allowed the SWAT ped to wear the Bulletproof Helmet
Rockstar: For making the original textures included in this package.
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