RDR1 Trevor Clothing and Deadeye Sound


Trevor's childhood fantasy was to be a cowboy like John Marston in those storybooks so that is what he did! But he went a bit too far with the cosplay... He went as far as to find John Marston's original hat, bandolier, pants, and he even mimicked Johns's special ability!!! So what the hell are you waiting for?? Make Trevor's fantasy come true and become a rootin tootin cowboy!

Thank you to my good friend Gui for the deadeye sounds that he got from rdr2 make sure to follow his twitter @GuiCORLEONEx794

Check out the read me for instructions

I used DoctorMikes's model to get the bandolier, pants, and such.

(Johns hat clips through his forehead a tiny bit so use it only if you don't care about that)

You can retexture just make sure to link back to this!

Here is a video of the deadeye if you want a little preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZymxyM7Ts8
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