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Play as Jane Foster Thor and Unworthy Thor from the all new all different Marvel comics!!!! First of all, there are some problems in my computer which I have to lower the graphic (Otherwise it will become super laggy). in view of this the screenshots are quite low quality. Secondly, the two models are from the mobile game "Marvel future fight", so don't expect the models polygons will be very high (but still they will look better than the screenshot, if your computer isn't that bad.) I will also improve the texture in the future update.

1. Thor from the first movie, Jane Foster and Unworthy Thor model from Marvel Future Fight
2. .ini file compatible with Thor script
3. New voice pack for Unworthy Thor and Jane Foster

Installation instruction:
1. Download the basic requirement:
Thor script:
Add on peds selector :

2. Install Thor, janefoster and unworthythor as add-on ped

3. Place all the file inside the "Thor Files" to the scripts/Thor (And drag the two folders inside the "Sounds" folder into scripts/Thor File/Sounds)
Change log:
v1.2 update:
1. Include the Thor from the First movie in this pack
2, Fix the voice "8# HEIMDALL OPEN THE BIFROST" of Jane Foster (Instead of saying "HEIMDALL OPEN THE BIFROST!!" in male voice, She will say "I sense magic here" in female voice.)

1. Fix the sound effect (Now Jane foster will say "Trust the hammer" while Unworthy Thor will say "I lost my hammer" when they retrieve their hammer)
2. Fix the Unworthy Thor script. Now he will hold a Battle Axe instead of the Mjolnir.

*Special Thanks to "The Thor Team" for making this mod so user friendly!!!!! Without their awesome design for the script, I can't easily change the voice of Jane Foster and unworthy Thor without changing the default Thor voice!! Nice Job!!!!!
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